Eintracht Frankfurt in the world of heavyweights

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to: Ingo Dorstoitz

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Jens Peter Haug (left) and Kristijan Jakic from Eintracht Frankfurt. © HMB Media / Imago Images

Eintracht Frankfurt is growing steadily and by participating in the first division it is not only able to retain players like Jakic and Hauge.

Frankfurt – so far Real Madrid, the royal family, Los Galacticos. Another legend. The next event in a year rich in high-profile events will be waiting for Eintracht Frankfurt on August 10, then the UEFA Cup in Helsinki on the programme, then the Europa League winner from Frankfurt will meet the newly-written Champions League winner Real Madrid. It is the pinnacle of European football. Another milestone in the history of Eintracht Frankfurt.

Hessian Club is sure to approach this big game (entry fee 3.5 million euros, prize money 1 million) with the utmost seriousness, it’s about prestige and fame. Which is why there is one clear goal: “We don’t go into a match and say: ‘It’s great that we are there.'” said coach Oliver Glasner, who watched Saturday night’s final between Real Madrid and Liverpool (1-0) in his hometown of Upper Austria. On TV, we always play with ambition to win, we want to win the Super Cup. Screen and scouts were sent to France.” I told one of our analysts, You’re not on vacation yet. I want you to be in Paris.” You want to be well prepared for the games match, even if even a novice SV Schuttide-Frasselt coach can probably recite the benefits of white ballet in his sleep.

Eintracht Frankfurt is somehow capable of everything

Will Eintracht Frankfurt, after the glorious Betis Sevilla and Barcelona, ​​teach the world’s royal club from Madrid to fear? The Frankfurt FC from the heart of Europe is somehow capable of anything.

Eintracht’s development is astonishing, only Corona was able to slow down the club for a short time, but the turbo, booster, flared up again long ago. The victory of the European League acts as a renewed accelerator of growth, on all levels – both economically and in terms of image. Coach Glasner was able to experience it during a short vacation with his family in Crete, when he could no longer stroll the streets unnoticed. “The European Cup is everywhere in Europe,” he says. “We traveled to the city once, it was all: a picture, a picture, a signature and an autograph.” I totally enjoyed it.

This remarkable season has only positive effects on Eintracht, auditing company KPMG, for example, now lists the club as a heavyweight for the first time and puts it in the list of the 32 most valuable football clubs in the world. With a value of 428 million euros, Eintracht ranked 23, from Germany only Borussia Dortmund is represented in 13th place (1.226 billion) and Bayern Munich is in fourth place (2.749 billion). This is a great prize for the club and is not entirely insignificant when it comes to the search for a solid financial partner that should support Eintracht strategically in the future. Because it is clear that the Hessians will soon launch new capital measures to correct the coronary repercussions, increase equity and competition in general at a high level. Because the club is already coming from a fairly high level, which is falling below the top of the Bundesliga – at least that’s what the published Bundesliga figures say, according to which only six clubs in the Bundesliga spend more on their staff than Eintracht (97.6 million). Eintracht is also in the top 3 when it comes to advisor fees, paying approximately 15.7 million to agents in commissions. This was a pile of wood and about three years ago, when it had to serve similarly high demands from middlemen.

In general, it should be noted in the Bundesliga report that Eintracht is based on the 2021 calendar year and not the 20/21 season. So the numbers may be toned down. For example, the Bundesliga recorded a loss of nearly ten million euros, but Eintracht’s chief financial officer Oliver Frankenbach recently estimated last season’s loss at 23 million euros, compared to 36.1 the year before.

Of course, participating in the Champions League gives the club more space. Eintracht will not deviate from his general strategy and will not take any financial risks, but there are now two or three expensive transfers that the club could not have afforded if they lost the final in Seville and were involved in it empty-handed. Looking back as well, the massive drop in this one game is evident.

Rumors about Bochum’s Poulter and Bayern Munich’s Roca

In any case, Eintracht will get an extra striker, although the trajectory of Bochum’s Sebastian Poulter has softened a bit. As for the midfield, interest in Bayern Munich professional Roca is stored. But Eintracht will not pay the eight million euros, as claimed by the Munich team, for the 25-year-old. The defensive midfielder played just nine games last season, none of which exceeded 90 minutes.

Eintracht still has to improve in the defensive midfield, where they are relatively weak, precisely because no one can seriously predict how long the knee joints injured by Captain Sebastian Rudd will last. It can’t even replace the 31-year-old in quality. Not even by Kristijan Jakic, the brave fighter who will remain in harmony. It has activated the buyout option well established in the loan agreement with Dinamo Zagreb, which is why the 25-year-old will be transferred to Frankfurt for around 3.5 million euros and will receive a contract until 2026.

Jakic is a great fighter and a reliable size, of course he has room for improvement in football. This also applies to Jens Petter Hauge, who has also made a strong commitment to Eintracht by 2026. The 22-year-old Norwegian was under an agreed purchase commitment with main club AC Milan. The offensive force will cost Eintracht more than ten million euros as a whole. This is certainly a problem for the player: Hauge, who has been mostly disappointing thus far, must improve a lot if he is to justify the purchase price. (Ingo Durstowitz)

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