Subscriptions, children, bicycles: a nine-euro ticket in Berlin and Brandenburg – what you need to know now – Berlin

Tickets worth nine euros will also start in Berlin and Brandenburg on Wednesday, after the Bundesrat cleared the way for it and agreed to a tariff model planned by the federal government for the middle of the month.

With the so-called nine-euro ticket, local public transport can be used throughout Germany at very low costs. The ticket must be valid from June to August – for nine euros for each of these three months. The most important information at a glance.

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When and where is the €9 ticket valid

Tickets must be valid for all local and regional German transport – without exception in second class and not for long-distance transport, i.e. not on ICE, IC, RJ and ECE trains. According to the VBB, Flixbus and Flixtrain are also not included, nor are special services, unless specified by their operators. Also important: the ticket is completely valid according to the calendar months – unlike the usual flexible monthly tickets.

When and where is the ticket sold?

The special offer is available on all machines in the VBB area as well as in customer centers and at BVG and S-Bahn counters.

Where – as at some Brandenburg train stations – no machines or counters are available, special tickets are sold on VBB trains. The same applies to buses, but not to BVG buses.

The €9 ticket can also be booked using popular apps such as VBB Bus & Bahn, BVG and DB Navigator. In any case, tickets are personal, i.e. non-transferable. As always, children under the age of six travel for free. And since the campaign is limited to three calendar months, tickets expire automatically without resulting in a subscription.

What applies to regular customers

Anyone with a VBB carrier subscription does not need to do anything: the monthly discounted amount is automatically reduced to nine euros. According to VBB, this applies not only to ecocards, but also to student and apprentice tickets (which are free in Berlin anyway), company tickets and a VBB 65plus subscription and 65 vorOrt.

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Regulations associated with the tickets in question, such as cycling with you, apply as usual – but only for such customers, not on the nine-euro ticket in general. The VBB-FahrCard will be recognized nationally in local and regional transfers.

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Semester ticket holders also benefit from a €9 ticket. As explained by VBB, they can also use local public transportation nationwide with the ticket. There must also be a proportional refund of contributions already paid. The relevant university departments have more information on this topic.

Order now for free

Everyone who purchased Annual Pass tokens in advance should take care of them: the Transportation Association requires these customers to regularly use the corresponding sections and then submit them to the respective carrier for reimbursement. Anyone who purchased a sliding season pass during the month of May that is valid until June will not receive a cashback.

In Berlin, the Senate recently considered the introduction of a zero-euro ticket in the AB tariff area for subscribers during the campaign months. However, this failed due to several necessary agreements with the Berlin transport companies and the Berlin-Brandenburg Transport Association.

What is happening and where is the problem

Carriers do not have large reserves to increase their supply. So it will be very crowded on many roads. So full that the VBB recommends, as a precaution, not to take your own bike with you, but to rent one at your destination. It also recommends “traveling off peak hours”.

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In Berlin, due to the expected increase in demand, more flights are offered on some lines – especially during rush hour. You can read here which subways, suburban trains, buses and trams have been affected.

In addition to the expected shortfalls in supplies, there are some construction sites that were deliberately put into summer vacation long before they could be modified, they say. So VBB asks for flexibility – and knowledge of travel routes in advance. Planned construction work is stored at information points and in the schedule applications of VBB and carriers. For the anticipated need for information on this topic, the Transportation Association has developed an online portal with more details.

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