Ten tips for travel destinations from Freiburg with a 9 euro ticket – Freiburg

For nine euros to the Baltic Sea: from the first of June you can travel three months cheaply with regional transfers through the Federal Republic. We have ten tips for train trips from Freiburg.

Train travel is especially useful in June, July and August. Then the nine-euro ticket applies, with which you can theoretically travel throughout Germany. The only catch: The ticket only entitles you to travel by local transportation. For a flight with ICE or IC, you still have to buy regular tickets. But the ticket is at least valid nationwide. So you don’t have to buy a new card for each transfer union. From Allgäu to the Baltic, we chose beautiful routes from Freiburg. have a good trip!

Freiburg – Lake Constance

2.5 hours of travel time

Summer day trips to Lake Constance are affordable and affordable with a €9 ticket. Constance can be reached via Donaueschingen by regional train in just 2.5 hours. If you don’t want to go into town, but want a classic day at the beach, you can drive to Überlingen in about 3.5 hours and spend the day in the lido. It only takes about 2 hours 20 minutes to get to Radolfzell, as you often have to change trains anyway when traveling to Lake Constance.

Freiburg – Baltic Sea

Driving time 14 hours

If Lake Constance isn’t big enough for you and you don’t mind long train journeys, you can get to the Baltic Sea via Frankfurt, Kassel, Lüneburg, and Lübeck. It only takes about half an hour to get to Timmendorfer Strand from Lübeck. The journey takes 14 hours in total. So, if you dare to make the trip and want to complete it in one day, you should leave Freiburg at half past six – and hopefully the trains won’t be late.

Freiburg – Lake Starnberg

Travel time 6.5 hours

Very far, but it is possible to achieve the travel destination Starnberger See. After all, it is the second largest lake in Bavaria and can also be perfectly combined with a trip to Munich. You can get to Munich Basing via Donaueschingen, Ulm and Memmingen. From there it takes less than 20 minutes to Starnberg. You can go for a swim on site, admire the mountains and end the evening in the beer garden.


Travel time 4 hours

You can reach Frankfurt in four hours via Karlsruhe and Mannheim. Concerts and exhibitions in the Schirn Kunsthalle or at the Städel Museum – all this can be reached cheaply and quickly with the regional train in the coming months. Also interesting: with a ticket of nine euros you can get to Frankfurt Airport at a reasonable price – and from there the whole world. It is worth noting that you should plan enough time for the trip and take into account possible delays in planning.

Freiburg – Kempten / Allgäu

5.5 hours driving

In addition to Lake Starnberg, another destination in Bavaria is easily accessible by regional transport. You can reach Kempten in less than six hours via Donaueschingen, Singen and Lake Constance. As the largest city in Allgäu, Kempten is the perfect start to an idyllic Bavaria vacation. If you want to get out of the city, you can easily reach the mountains by public transport. On site you can go hiking, swimming in the lakes or spend a vacation on a farm.


2 hours travel time

The Höllentalbahn with its slopes and turns is well known in this country, but have you ever taken the Black Forest Railway from Offenburg via Triberg to Singen am Hohentwiel? In particular, the 40-kilometer section between Hausach and St. Georgen Great views across woods and over valleys. A possible stop or destination could be the open-air Museum of the Black Forest, Vogtsbauernhöfe in Gutach, or the magnificent waterfalls at Triberg. Or is the excursion the goal and continue in Singen or Lake Constance.

Friborg – Salzburg

9 hours driving

A visit to Salzburg is worthwhile for those interested in art and culture. The Austrian state capital can be reached with a nine-euro ticket via Ulm and Munich. Despite the long nine-hour journey, with three changes at best, the city of 155,000 residents attracts visitors with its impressive buildings. By the way: The Salzburg Festival is held from mid-July to the end of August.

Friborg – Sylt

16.5 hours of travel time

Cliff train drivers and people with a great deal of stamina have the chance to spend their well-deserved summer vacation in Sylt. Although the 16.5-hour train journey from Freiburg to Sylt with regional transportation is daunting at first, visitors to Sylt are rewarded with miles of sandy beaches, hiking, and good mud surfing conditions. Although the island is known for its expensive food and exclusive hotels, cheap accommodation alternatives such as luxury tents and holiday apartments can also be found on the Sylt level – provided the rush to the island is limited. Because some islanders are worried about the frightening influx of discounted regional transportation. This caused a lot of fun, especially on the Internet. If your multi-day Sylt vacation is too great for you, you can also head to the island from Hamburg. The journey takes 3.5 hours from the Hanseatic city to Sylt by regional transfer.

Freiburg – Strasbourg

1.5 hours of travel time

A little less than an hour and a half later, travelers from Freiburg arrive in the Alsatian city of Strasbourg. Among other things, the Old Town, designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, numerous cafes and ice cream parlors, as well as the European Parliament, await you. Fans of France might find it interesting: Paris, the city of love, can be reached from Strasbourg in less than two hours via a direct TGV connection. Attention: From Kehl you need an additional ticket.

Freiburg – No change of trains

The website mehr.bz/direkt-bahn-guru offers a good service: all the destinations that can be reached by train from Freiburg without having to change trains can be seen on the map. There is Endingen, Karlsruhe and even Frankfurt. With one click you will be redirected to contact the travel portal in the database.

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