2022 Falstaff Beer Cup: The Best of Stout / Porter

brave It is a highly fermented dark brown beer. It is distinguished primarily by barley, and its taste is often sweet. Stouts are not only nutritious, they are also interesting food companions. Porter’s evolution of gritty.

93 points

  • first place Rum Barrel Aged Imperial Stout
    Dark brown with lightening edges. Dry oak notes like vanilla, which are distinguished by the preset rum – there are also some cherry cocktails. Juice at first, before the power of concentrated dried fruit reaches: raisins, calzone and more sour cherries. 8.7% by volume, 0.375 liter bottle, Noom creative brewery, noom.at

92 points

  • 2nd place ex aequo oh porter
    Dark brown flavors of toasted and intense malt, coffee and some dark caramel are complemented by herbal notes of hops. Illuminate the palate with a medium-tender berlage, appropriate bitterness, and a long aftertaste. High drinkability. 5.7% by volume, 0.33 liter bottle, brewery im Berg, brauereiimberg.ch
  • 2nd place ex aequo Drunken Cat Milk Stout
    A high brown color, emphasizing the warm aroma of Mannerschnitte waffles and a sea of ​​melted nougat. Rich taste from one pour – pouring chocolate. The subtle citrus highlights are set by the orange flavor, which is generally pleasing in a wonderful way. 5.8% by volume, 0.33 liter bottle, Tom & Harry Brewing OG, tomandharry.beer, schicker-kapfenberg.at, weinhandel-stadlober.at

91 points

  • roaddowner klanner schwarza
    Huge foam over an opaque dark brown. Some green hazelnut cream and chocolate, also reminiscent of cola. A good review, which brings vanilla to the palate, remains the essence of dark chocolate. High animation to drink! 4.6% by volume, 0.33 liter bottle, Rodauner Biermanufaktur, rodauner-biermanufaktur.at
  • Yeti
    Dark, almost black in color. Intense barley notes on the nose, roasted notes like mocha. Broad and intense on the palate with soft carbonic acid, bitterness and a long aftertaste. 9% by volume, 0.33 liter bottle, brewery im Berg, brauereiimberg.ch

90 points

  • O’Hara Irish Stout Nitro
    Cocoa brown when pouring milky white foam. Roasted aroma of espresso, but also some ham. The initial taste coats the palate with creamy coffee chocolate. Cool properties reminiscent of brewed iced coffee. 4.3% by volume, 0.44 liter canister, O’Hara’s, Amersin.at, beerlovers.at
  • Bear Forge Hammer
    Cocoa brown with subtle foam. Restricted scented vanilla and coconut chords offer, plus a bit of creme caramel (“March’s bar”). In the mouth with toasty undertones, lots of vanilla and a cool white touch of chocolate. Creamy to the end! 7% by volume, 0.33 liter bottle, Bierschmiede, bierschmiede.at
  • Milky Way
    Ultra-dark brown with a stable, fine-pored crown. In the nose of lactic and chocolate notes at the same time – “reminiscent of chocolate for children.” Gorgeously relaxing and wonderful (!) vanilla tones on the palate. Then the drink also features touches of brownie. 6% by volume, 0.75 liter bottle, Stiegl brewery in Salzburg, stiegl.at

89 points

  • Nitro Stout Milk
    Dark brown with soft ivory foam. The smoky, greasy notes, which also show off some milk caramel (“that has a cow”) and short bread. Very plump and melted buttery, almost “dense enough to bite” in the middle. 6% by volume, 0.403 liter canister, left hand fermenter, Amersin. at, beerlovers.at
  • Tschöam is black as night
    Dark brown with soft red shimmer. The nose shows bresaola, some milk coffee as well as a nutty nougat. The initial, creamy taste is accompanied by a sour freshness reminiscent of cherries and blueberries. Beautiful coffee notes revolve around the arc of aromas. 6.2% by volume, 0.33 liter bottle, Tschöams Biere, tschoeams-biere.at
  • Swiss Stout
    Dark brown, almost black in color, dense light brown foam. A very intense nose with notes of dark chocolate, fresh coffee, sweet malt and light plum. Full-bodied on the palate, but also thanks to the brief carbonation. Roasted and smoked banknotes predominate. Sweet and subtle sourness in a long lasting flavour. 5.7% by volume, Schützengarten brewery, schuetzengarten.ch

88 points

  • Wildshut men’s chocolate
    Dark brown cocoa, practically without foam. In the nose of a chocolate chestnut, a steamed chestnut and a couverture. recently sudden drink for the “dark” nose; There is almost no sweetness in the mouth, but a characteristic roasted bitterness and dark chocolate. 5.5% by volume, 0.75 liter bottle, Stiegl brewery in Salzburg, Steigl.at

87 points

  • 1521 Project No. 2
    Cocoa brown with a slight edge lightening. Steamed chestnuts with some chocolate, nuts and cucumber peel on the nose. Fairly pleasant in the initial aftertaste, light after cocoa powder, some candied orange and finally tart accents. The last balance is missing. 10% by volume, 0.33 liter bottle, Leopoldauer Braucraft, leopoldauer.at

86 points

  • Anvil Beer Forge
    Cocoa brown with a thin foam. Reminiscent of cold coffee on the nose, as well as some vanilla. Sweet taste at first, some rock candy, followed almost immediately by the bitterness of roasted espresso. Added to this is the bitterness of the jump. 9.5% by volume, 0.33 liter bottle, Bierschmiede, bierschmiede.at

The team of experts gathered for a blind beer tasting in the large tasting room at Del Fabro Kolarik in Vienna. Special thanks go to Michael Kolarik-Leingartner and his team for supporting the organization and to Roland Graf for leading the tasting of the painting.

Jury tasting:

  • Benjamin Herzog, editor-in-chief of Falstaff Switzerland
  • Dominic Foumbach, Editor-in-Chief of Falstaff Switzerland
  • Konrad Seidl, as beer expert, juror and advocate for beer issues, and political journalist for the daily Der Standard.
  • Michael Kolaric-Lingartner, Austrian wine expert, trained brewer and Budweiser brand ambassador
  • Roland Graf, pleasure and drink journalist, Falstaff pub expert and founder of trinkprotokoll.at
  • Carl Trojan, owner and managing director of Schremser Bier
  • Harry Mittermayr, Member of the Board of Directors of Bier-IG

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