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You call your dog – and he doesn’t come. This is annoying and can be dangerous if he runs into the street or encounters a sticky situation. Therefore, a reliable recall is an important prerequisite for relaxation and safety when out with your dog.

Possible reasons why your dog is not present when called

  • Your dog is on order Didn’t learn for sure. Dogs need a lot RepetitionUntil the behavior is available without having to think about it.
  • your dog in puberty. If everything worked out perfectly as a puppy and the breakup occurred after about four and a half months, then your dog is simply showing pubescent behavior. The bad news: it takes time. Depending on the dog, it could be a bit Back and forth Give. The good news: it’s over! Lower your expectations and have your dog on a leash on bad days.
  • your dog is one big. When retrieval no longer works as it did in old age, He hears maybe your dog bad. A certain person can do this intransigence Come or also mental illness. Don’t underestimate this and secure your dog in places that may become dangerous.
  • your dog illness or has pain. This can affect whether or not he can carry out commands. In the case of pain, the ability to concentrate is greatly reduced. Your dog will probably want to take it easy, too.
  • become your dog Practice pressing and avoids you. Dogs communicate differently than humans. If you call your dog a squeeze, you usually call it loud and deep and move your upper body forward a little bit. This is for the dog Two different signsYour voice and body language tell him you’re angry and he should walk away. But the order tells him to come. enter into one discord.
  • your dog was with you stroking rewards. Many dogs find this uncomfortable in a ‘working mode’.

before training

  • think about it, with any order You want to call your dog. It is important not to call your dog by his name. It is best to use a command that is not used much in your everyday language. Many dog ​​owners use the words “come” and “here” more quickly. “look here” He is more friendly and more specific.
  • use one Additional hand signal. This is helpful because dogs are very sensitive to our body language. For example, for “look here,” you might use a hand held to the side.

training process

one foot Low stimulus environment without distractionsSo that the dog can understand what you want from him.

  • Please contact that order And give at the same time raise hands.
  • to praise Your dog is taking the first step in your direction.
  • Once he gets to you, give him a good idea Treat.

If your dog manages this process well, you can slowly increased distraction And training in a different environment, where it comes from, for example, a pedestrian, a cyclist or another dog.


give to your dog Enough time to study. This way they create the foundation for a good and trusting relationship.

the prize

The important thing is that the reward is something really good It is for your dog. The dry food he usually gets is rather boring. Feel free to try different things: meat sausage, cheese, there are dogs who like carrots or cucumbers. If your dog doesn’t like rewards, try to find out What motivates your dog: Is vocal praise enough? Does your dog particularly enjoy doing something, like swimming or digging? Then enable it after a well-executed command.

At the beginning of the training Get your dog Always Pay if I follow the call. Once it comes safely, you must give it Not every time anymore give something. but then Random, because dogs quickly understand when something is up just every time. Gradually, the treatments become less common.

If you remember that order It no longer works wellTemporarily work with rewards again.


First, make sure your dog is physically healthy and is able to hear and follow your commands. Begin training in a distraction-free environment. Repeat the retrieval training over and over, slowly building up the distraction.

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Anya Petrik and “Ware in Bayern” wish you all the best!

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