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Zug, Switzerland, June 1 /PRNewswire/

Autentica, a Swiss technology startup, has announced the official launch and initial investment of $1.2 million that will allow the company to further develop its cross-chain certification technology for NFTs.

The company offers a proprietary authentication technology that allows digital creators to convert their artwork into original NFTs without the risk of fraudulent use or duplications. Autentica has created a 3D ecosystem that helps users create, buy and sell NFTs. The framework consists of a proprietary authentication technology, an NFT marketplace, and the $AUT token.

The team consists of 18 developers and marketing and sales professionals who have already gained experience in companies such as Bloomberg, Lego and Deutsche Bank. The team developed this cross-chain certification technology led by the founding team of three industry experts. The potential risks associated with exchanging digital assets cannot be ignored. Before purchasing a digital item such as an NFT, consumers should have easy access to tools and data that allow them to conduct due diligence to avoid purchasing a duplicate or artwork from a discontinued collection. That’s why we created Autentica Certification, a program that allows anyone to get a detailed report of any NFT in seconds. The report is based on millions of data points that analyze duplicates using content checksums, similar NFTs using machine learning models and k-NN, among many other characteristics, said Artur Gregor, CEO and co-founder of Autentica.

The initial investment was raised by private investors, and the company announced a $5 million private token sale round starting July 15, 2022. NFT dealers and artists who wish to be on the waiting list can do so at

Autentica is a technology company dedicated to empowering and protecting the world’s creators. For more information, see

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