The Marketplace for NFT domains releases .metaverse, .VR, and .metaverse addresses. chain

One NFT domain market has announced that it allows a number of premium domain extensions, including .metaverse, .VR, and .chain.

According to, the launch of these new domain names offers consumers and businesses an opportunity to secure coveted and memorable addresses.

Even if they look like regular web URLs at first glance, they actually offer so much more.

For example, they can simplify crypto transactions by eliminating the need for long alphanumeric wallet addresses. They are long sequences of letters and numbers that can easily be misspelled. These domains can also be used as a global username across web3, whether you’re in a game or in a virtual world.

Full ownership eliminates the risk of centralization or censorship and you can also create websites on these domains.

According to Quik, all of these use cases will be implemented once the Chrome extension for the platform is launched, which is planned for by the end of the year.

These personal domains form the basis of Web3. In this world, tech giants are bypassed and data control is given back to users. Not only will these usernames be an important identifier in our online lives, but they will also serve as crypto wallets where we can keep our digital assets safe.

But it goes further: .metaverse, .chain, .VR, .doge, .shib, .bored, .web3, .btc, .address and .i extensions are offered. This gives users the opportunity to choose a field that matches the cryptocurrency or technology they believe in the most.

How to mint a blockchain domain

According to Quik, minting or purchasing an NFT domain is quick and easy. They are stored on the Ethereum blockchain, so they are not tied to central entities like ICANN.

Users can register or create an account on using MetaMask or other mobile wallet. From here you can choose the desired username and make a transaction.

Of course, the world of NFT domain names is highly competitive, so certain names or one-word addresses sell out quickly. If an address isn’t available, the Quik system offers a number of alternative suggestions to help you find the perfect one.

Once the transaction is approved in your private wallet, it will be verified on the Ethereum network. This means that you do not have to wait long for the NFT field to appear on your profile. Then you can use it as you wish.

More information about Quik can be found here

Tomorrow’s Internet

Quik regularly announces new domain names and displays a countdown to upcoming launches so that users have an equal chance of getting a premium address.

In the market, you can also search for domains that other users are selling. Quik’s homepage also contains a selection of crypto-related shorthand usernames.

Soon, decentralized websites will play a greater role in our online lives and may even become an important part of our identity. Quik’s vision is simple: to provide transparency and allow anyone to easily view, sell, and buy these digital goods.

While regular domains need to be renewed annually, the Quik domain is yours forever. All fees have already been paid. You also have the option to sell domains on a private marketplace.

There was fierce competition for the most memorable .com domains. There is now one of the most sought after blockchain usernames and offered by Quik.

Learn more about Quik

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