‘Borrowing’ to ‘Love and Chaos’: What’s Left of the Nordic Countries…

A few years ago, the makers of the Scandinavian series attracted attention with dark, clever productions. They still offer a lot of gems. Finally, the new Borgen season.

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Danish political drama, 2010-2022
To be shown on Netflix

When the first seasons of Borgen examined the interaction between politics and media, it fell to the height of Scandinavian production. One was happy with dark thrillers and smart dramas with a bit of wit. In recent years, the boom has been somewhat forgotten, but now the most popular protagonist is back: Birgit Nyborg, a principled politician in Christiansborg Palace. Nine years have passed since the third season. Nine years since the former prime minister has always kept her ideal between political intrigue, two children, breast cancer, and founding a new party.

She is now the Secretary of State, is in menopause and no longer sees her son and daughter very often. She has to resolve a dispute with Greenland that contains all kinds of explosives. She shows herself as more solid and aggressive than she previously knew. The fantastic series, predating its first seasons pre-House of Cards, has evolved. And in a good sense. Famous faces such as Catherine, Turpin and Bent are not missing. Good to see her again. Just like the great photos from the far north. (Ruffy)

the bridge

Border crime thriller, 2011-18
To be shown on Netflix

There are quite a few bodies in The Bridge, but the most impressive is the first: the upper and lower bodies are separate and, as it turns out, also belong to two different women. It is located in the middle of the Oresund Bridge, which connects Sweden and Denmark. That is why investigators from both countries need to work together. Challenging, suspenseful, and a bit grotesque, this Danish-Swedish-German series is considered a classic of the Nordic Noir film series. (Ruffy)

the kill

Dark US Remake, 2010-14
Viewed on Amazon Prime

Since the original version – the Danish crime series “Kommissarin Lund” (2007-2012), which laid the foundation for the hype surrounding Danish crime novels before “Borgen” – is not available as a stream, here’s the American version noted as no less depressing. The ruthless Mireille Enos plays Personal Commissioner Sarah Linden, who investigates the murder of a young girl and faces political intrigue and contradictions in her ranks. It’s set in Seattle, but it’s (not just because of the weather) as cold as the Danish original. (iw)


Giants vs. Thor, since 2020
To be shown on Netflix

Norse mythology is paired with the story of coming of age, as well as a bit of climate change. Borgen film maker Adam Price has dared to unbridly blend musical genres here. The Norse legend “Ragnarok” is about the fight of giants against the gods. In the series, an industrial clan consisting of immortal “giants” attempts to destroy the slow learner Magne. But it turned out to be a reincarnation of the god Thor. A fantasy action with a naive hero against a dreamy fjord backdrop. (iw)


Enlisted in IS 2020
To be shown on Netflix

The series, which revolves around the techniques and methods of the Islamic State, focuses on women: a young mother Pervin (Gezem Erdogan) lives in Raqqa and wants to share information about an attack to get a return ticket to Sweden. There is a teacher who is recruiting girls for the terrorist organization. (her) Netflix


Max and Sophie are looking for a challenge(c) Netflix (Ulrika Malm)

love and chaos

Swedish comedy, since 2020
To be shown on Netflix

Between Corona and several critically acclaimed new releases (“Damengambit”, “Normal People”), the first season of the Swedish comedy 2020 has lost a bit. Wrong, because the eight episodes are as clever as crazy: ruthless management consultant Sophie (Eda Engfull) is supposed to transport a traditional publisher into the digital age. When she’s caught masturbating in the office by handsome young IT technician Max (Bjorn Musten), the two’s matches begin: they put each other to the test of courage – which quickly develops into a luscious attraction. A little love story and a very funny picture of a publishing house full of clumsy and contradictory characters. Here’s the old publishing director who doesn’t mind when one of his co-stars sends “Dick Pics.” There’s the feminist and lesbian editor, who doesn’t take it seriously with the separation of work and private life.

The story was written by director (and philosophy major) Lisa Langseth, who had a great appearance on the series as herself. Season two is finally coming on June 16th. Beginner’s tip: Give the series at least two episodes. (to her)

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