Children’s Report 2022: Demanding more rights for young people

Status: 03.06.2022 3:20 pm

Politicians should take more into account the interests of children and young people – according to the Children’s 2022 report, this is what the majority of people in Germany want. Most of them also support children’s rights in the Basic Law.

According to a survey, a very large majority of Germans would like children’s interests to be taken more into account in politics. This emerges from the Children’s Report 2022 presented by the German Children’s Fund in Berlin. Accordingly, 94 percent of children and youth and 84 percent of adults demand that children’s rights be enshrined in the Basic Law. A two-thirds majority is required in the Bundestag and the Bundesrat for a similar amendment to the Basic Law.

For the Children’s Report 2022, two surveys were conducted by the Institute for Policy Research Kantar Public on behalf of the German Children’s Fund. According to the information, 645 children and young people between the ages of 10 and 17 and 1,046 adults were interviewed.

More attention is required from politicians

From the point of view of those surveyed, politics has not adequately addressed the concerns of the younger generation in recent years: 83% of minors and 79% of adults supported this view. Only nine percent of children and young people surveyed and 16 percent of adults said that politicians in recent years have “highly taken into account” the interests of children and young people when making decisions.

Check the rules for youth friendship

94 percent of children and youth and 80 percent of adults also support more children and youth officials at the federal, state, and local levels who care about young people’s interests. But many respondents also like the idea of ​​a permanent advisory board made up of young people: about 88 percent of young people and 66 percent of adults support the creation of such a committee for the participation of children and young people in the federal government, where children and young people are represented. 86 percent of those affected and 76 percent of adults want to check new laws to ascertain how friendly they are with their children and youth.

According to the Children’s Report, 84% of children and youth and 78% of adults feel that funds for additional government spending should be offset by additional taxes on very high incomes. About two-thirds of children and youth (67%) and about half of adults (52%) support cutting government spending elsewhere, such as defense, road construction or economic development.

‘accidental neglect’

The head of the German Children’s Fund, Thomas Kreuger, accused politicians of not paying attention to children and young people when presenting the results of the survey. In the political debate there is a “semi-systematic neglect of youth interests”. Children and young people did not feel represented. If this trend continues, society will face a critical test, Krueger warned in Children’s Charity’s 50th year. He called for understanding children and youth policy as an investment in the future.

In presenting the Children’s Report, the Prime Minister of Rhineland-Palatinate Malo Dreyer (SPD) explained that the social participation of the younger generation must be strengthened. This begins with the incorporation of children’s rights into the Basic Law – as enshrined in the Rhineland-Palatinate Constitution since 2000 – and extends to lowering the voting age to 16. In order to combat child poverty, basic security is required for the child.

Basis of data in Child Report 2022

For the Children’s Report 2022 from the German Children’s Fund, the Institute for Policy Research Kantar Public conducted two surveys in Germany – one among children and young people (10-17 years old) and one among adults (18 years old). A total of 1,691 people were interviewed, of whom 645 were children and youth, and 1,046 adults.

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