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15 different types of handmade ice cream can be purchased at Eckermannshof in Gelsenkirchen-Resse. This is how manufacturing and sales work.

Strawberry yogurt, hazelnut, choco-caramel peanuts, lemon yogurt, and that’s not all: 15 different flavors of homemade ice cream can now be purchased at Eckermannshof on Böningstraße 70 in Gelsenkirchen-Resse. The ice cream is produced directly on a farm that is more than 400 years old. Milk comes from our farm cows.

A year ago, the family business started its own ice cream factory. However, the idea has been around for a long time. Karina Foecker became aware of the concept through her sister, who is a chef herself and reported on ice cream from Berghof. Some equipment and an ice machine were purchased for sale. When creating the recipe and selecting the ingredients, the Föcker family works hand in hand with the ice cream specialist and ingredient supplier Eisforum.

This is how much ice cream is produced on the Gelsenkirchen . farm

Two to three times a week, Carina Föcker produces 60 kilograms of base ice cream, which she later processes into different varieties. For this purpose, fresh milk is pasteurized with various dry substances. Boiling to 85 degrees is important because the animals’ milk is still unprocessed after the milking process. Drying agents such as skimmed milk powder, guar gum and various sugars are also added. “The sugars make ice cream creamy. It varies with variety,” says the 34-year-old.

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After heating the mass, it is cooled to four degrees. Then she has to rest for the night. The next morning, the different varieties can finally be prepared. There is also fruit, yoghurt or chocolate. Strawberries, for example, come from their own fields. After adding the ingredients, the ice cream is frozen using the ice cream machine, and then finally divided into the individual cups in the filling machine.

These products can also be purchased on the farm

The customer can choose between a 125ml (€2.80) or 500ml (€6.50) sundae. He gets his sweet candy either around the clock from the farm’s ice cream machine or gets it from the farm shop during business hours. There is a wooden spoon in each of the biodegradable cups, with which the ice cream can be eaten directly.

“The chocolate variety for kids is especially popular with kids, while the hazelnut is popular with adults,” says Karina Focker, who is also a trained baker and groom. In winter, you also like to try different varieties like speculoos, marzipan, espresso, roasted almonds or baked apple. Fruit sorbets and yoghurts are especially popular in summer.

In the farm shop you can also buy other groceries of our own production. The Föcker family also buys some products from regional partner farms. “It’s important that the concept and the process fit us,” says Karina Focker. The range includes potatoes, onions, beans, eggs, milk, yogurt, butter, homemade jam, sausages, cheese, meat – and now, of course, asparagus. Fresh farm bread is also baked every Friday. Depending on the season, beans, strawberries and potatoes can also be picked or collected on site in the fields.

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