The forest area team from Stutensee organizes wild gatherings in Hardtwald

Replace bears and wolves

With live hunting in the state forest: Christian Haag, the forest area manager in Stutensee, and his team regulate the game population of Hardtwald.

District manager Christian Haag from the Hirschgraben Forest district at the monument’s house in Hardtwald.

Pictured: Andrea Barron

Since spring, Christian Haag’s work day has started at seven in the morning. The Head of the Stutensee Forest District has been in Hardtwald since 2007 and is also responsible for ensuring that the number of animals does not exceed a certain cap. Fallen deer, wild deer, wild boars, foxes, and rabbits live in an area of ​​about 1,700 hectares. “

We must be careful with foxes, because they also prey on the ground. The strictly sheltered nightjar lives in Hardtwald. In order to protect this bird, which is listed in the Red List of Threatened Species, we need to control the fox population in the Nigara habitat,” explains Haag.

So he is not only active in the forests, but also as a hunter in his area. Since there are no previous predators such as large raptors, bears or wolves, it ensures that game counts are regulated in the state forest hunt. This is done by hunting from a bunker or driven hunt, with about 40 hunters scattered in the woods waiting for game on high benches.

The number of wild boars should not become too large

Because deer prefer to nibble on the young, high-energy shoots of tree seedlings, they jeopardize much-needed forest regeneration. The number of wild boars should not be large either. African swine fever first broke out in the Emmenden region.

The forester wants to avoid spreading to the Hardt Forest area under all circumstances. “It is a terrible disease. Animals die terribly,” says Haag, who has briefed himself extensively on the subject.

Wild boar can be hunted all year round. However, the mother animals driving the piglets are not shot. Other game types are hunted at the times allowed.

Fallow deer, the annual fallow deer, may be shot in May and from August to January. The main hunting season for ungulates (all even-toed ungulates) begins in September.

Every miss will be searched for

Christian Haag, President of the Stuttense Forest District

In the hunting season, the hag goes out into the woods almost every day. Supported by 20 fishermen. “Hunting is ethically clean. Safety is the top priority. Every missed shot is sought,” explains the area manager.

His long-haired German hounds, Dara vom Aartal and Caja vom Hirschberg, help him track down wounds. The meat of killed animals is sold as a whole piece to individuals and dealers for further processing – gutted with the skin left on. Haag says the meat is nutritious and low in fat, and is marketed to customers under the game’s strict hygiene rules.

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