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Widow Clara (Julia Kochitz) and widow Ulf (Hino Firch) meet in a self-help group, both of whom have just lost their partners. Mourners get along well, but soon doubts arise about the death of their loved ones. Apparently, Clara’s husband and Ulf’s wife knew each other secretly. So maybe the two are still alive and have faked their own deaths? The scathing comedy about life, love and death can be seen on ARD on Saturday evenings.

You don’t believe someone dies

comedy • 04/06/2022• 8:15 pm

In fact, Clara (Julia Kochitz) and Ulf (Hino Firch) don’t really have much in common. She’s a designer perfumer who has a chronic cold – and thus hasn’t been able to work for months – and she smokes heavily and loves to drink beer. He prefers expensive red wines and lives an orderly and privileged life in a noble neighborhood of Hamburg near Alster. The non-worldly literary man earned a lot of money and a loyal audience with tears of noble tears. Clara and Ulf meet at the office, where they both try to announce the death of their husbands, who disappeared three months ago, in order to finally find peace. Who Dies Once, You Won’t Believe It is a feature film by Dirk Comer (Director) and Ole Bree (screenplay) from 2021, and the first is now showing again.

Ulf’s wife Anke (Sabine Weibel) chooses to commit suicide at sea, while Clara’s husband Inoue (Roman Knica) falls into a rift while rising a mountain. At least this is the theory of departure, which is supported by solid evidence, but the bodies for it are missing. Since Ulf and Clara both suffer a partial nervous breakdown from the unwilling administrator, they get to know each other and have a fun day together. There is no such thing as a self-help group that helps alleviate a common destiny through a deep understanding of the other person’s situation. But isn’t there more between Ulf and Clara?

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As the mismatched survivors discover each other’s tender feelings, which can be quickly and reliably mixed again at any time, one thing crystallizes: Not only did the deceased disappear from the scene at the same time, but the two apparently knew each other… .

Shallow entertainment for Saturday

German-Austrian author Uli Brée invented the titular character Bibi Fellner, performed by Adele Neuhauser, for the Vienna “Crime Scene” and wrote several episodes for the Osi investigative team. The Austrian by choice, who was born in North Rhine-Westphalia in 1964, was also celebrated for the lively ORF series “Vorstadtweiber”. Brée invents special stories that aren’t necessarily factual, but that come with scathing facts under black-burned XXL glass and are linguistically transformed into a comedy of love and society.

If you’re expecting real-life characters and real-life dialogue in this Saturday night fun, you might be disappointed. All the hilarious quartet of battered ex-partners who love traumatized newcomers and frustrated fugitives on the movie stage is stylized and exaggerated in terms of humor.

On the other hand, Julia Kochitz, who has a great temper, and Heinau Firch, in his lead role as a spoiled, arrogant, arrogant dreamer of life, are already tackling some intimate themes of human coexistence: what makes love? What do you have to do to find them or get them? And why does a brave new beginning in life sometimes end in disaster – that in a comic that likes to sell such items as instructions for a happy life?

Chapter director Dirk Comer (“Zuckersand,” “Waiting for the Bus”) tries his hand at a mainstream Saturday night comedy of the sort in which the lives of the film’s protagonists are presented to the viewer in a somewhat cryptic fashion, with questions about life, love, and responding to death. “Real”. Whether this is appropriate for the viewer is ultimately a matter of personal humor and preferred narrative style.

Once you die, you won’t believe it – Saturday 04.06.2019 – ARD: 8.15 pm

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