Master & Dynamic MW65 – A declaration of love for my headphones

yes, The man with the expensive headphones again. Believe me, this article will be short and sweet. Almost 2 years ago I have been using Master & Dynamic MW65 especially and after this long time I am still using it Totally satisfied with this model. Exactly because I’ve done it since then About ten more headphones of all prices. Why is this the case and why am I still looking forward to a sequel.

Master and Dynamic MW65 after two years

subordinate Master and Dynamic MW65 he is surround bluetooth headphones It has a closed property. The model, which has been available for more than three years, still costs in free trade 500 EUR Too high a price for a headset. In return, you get a sexy design, high wearing comfort, excellent connectivity, very good battery life and Best sound under 1000 euros wanted.

Bang & Olufsen People’s H95

However, the design is a matter of taste to equip Objectively excellent. The Beoplay H95 from Bang & Olufsen is better, but it costs 300 euros more. subordinate wearing comfort Master & Dynamic’s MW65 is similarly good, thanks to connectivity Google quick pairing And the aptX HD Along the same lines. LDAC, LHDC and Bluetooth 5.0 are missing – I can live with that. Battery life doesn’t matter either The top model for the Danes Close, but still without a doubt.

With that we have Almost all the negatives of headphones. I’ll sum up again: just nearly perfect workmanship, without Bluetooth 5.0 and LDAC, no battery life that’s best in class. To be exact: Battery level in increments of one percent It would be nice too Compatibility with Find My Device. The former is currently only offered by Shure, and the latter only by Bang & Olufsen. It would also be nice to use slightly better microphones For casual phone calls But is it sufficient?

The sound is still unbelievable

MW65S4 angle 1This is in my opinion Unremarkable criticismAfter all, sound is the most important argument for headphones. The Master & Dynamic MW65 صوت sound continues FabulousAnd the AmazingAnd the embarrassed. Since my August 2020 test report, I’ve used at least ten other headphones, all of them Not even close Can register with MW65.

In fact, I’ve been getting it for some time At least one additional headset Next to a potential tester and MW65 in my apartment. why? Well, here is the comparison with the MW65 In any case unfair. I listen to music first in the Master & Dynamic model and then using any headphones from Bose, Sony, Sennheiser, Shure, Xiaomi or Apple – the competing model sounds good BoringAnd the tinnyAnd the unbalanced And just worse. The exceptions are the Beoplay H95 and Shure AONIC 50, where the latter isn’t quite as good in terms of bass and Dane can’t keep up with the treble.

IMG 20200728 190211 e1596044143913

With that we are already at the point. All other bluetooth headphones I know cut off high frequencies Too early and give Size in the middle Stronger dress. The Master & Dynamic MW65 manages all of this in equal measure – the deep voice Brief and concise, the in the middle dynamic and superficial heights Present and detailed. Just Warm datum at mid frequencies It can be considered a drawback – I like the analog sound.

individual opinion? number!

MW65 on the optional stand. Price point: 59 euros

As good as any of my friends and acquaintances I got Master & Dynamic MW65 by me at least once. Without prior briefing, of course, and without mentioning the price. everybody – without exception The sound was described as exceptional. Clarity, class, bass, and treble were praised. No one found the headphones mediocre or even bad.

I don’t make it up, it actually happens like this on a regular basis. Occasionally I have one with friends green ecstasy substance We mix it into sausage bread – let’s call it guacamole. Meanwhile, he always asks me if said friend or friend isn’t They can hear a song or two of their choice on headphonesBecause it’s so wonderful. Acoustically, the Master & Dynamic MW65 is a far cry from any other Bluetooth headphones you’ve heard before. And I’m sure it will stay that way for a few more years. This alone justifies the high price for me.

Wishes for a possible successor to Master & Dynamic MW65

Angle MW65S3 1758a24d3 3013 4a3f a1b3 9f94a040a837subordinate It seems This is a great thing the design great. What could a successor ever improve? I hope better connection With aptX LL and LDAC. I would also like to get support from Google Find My Device Be happy. Battery life can be improved and charging time shortened. The best microphones For phone calls and battery status display will complete the picture.

Many will surely get one Best Active Noise Cancellation I wish, but I don’t care at all. Likewise Transparency mode. The main thing is that the sound remains the same. However, if you use these two functions frequently, you should use the Beoplay H95 from Bang & Olufsen to get similar good sound. Anyway, I love my headphones.

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