Banana spiders in German supermarkets: four species that cause panic

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When a spider appears in German supermarkets, there is a panic – but only one species is very dangerous to humans.

Global trade has its dark side, too. Time and time again, poisonous spiders enter parts of the world where they don’t really belong. As an invasive species, the Nozoa then causes fear and terror because, unlike the native species, it pierces human skin with its lower jaw and its bites can have painful and fatal consequences, such as He knows how to report these five species, which may soon arrive in Germany.

On the other hand, species of spiders tagged as “banana spiders” are imported and the media often categorize them as “highly venomous monsters” with fruit. Because in their native countries of South and Central America, as nocturnal ambush hunters, they seek shelter in plants during the day – and above all in banana trees. That is why they are increasingly arriving in German supermarkets.

The myth of “banana spiders”

There are no banana spiders, reports the Lower Saxony State Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety: “It’s a long-lived myth, and there are no spiders that live on bananas explicitly and certainly not on bananas.” Since some species of spiders ambush hunters, they are looking for a place to wait for prey. Since bananas grow together and are packed in groups, animals prefer fruit over others.

Biologist Claudia Wieselow of Karlsruhe’s Museum of Natural History criticizes in a scientific article on “banana spiders” that after supposed horror one finds unfortunately rarely “whether it is in fact the supposed type of spider”. The expert aims to get an eight-legged creature that tops the rating of the five most dangerous spiders in the world. But there are also three other less dangerous alien species besides the supermarket horror spider, and gave all.

Banana spiders in German supermarkets: four species that cause panic

The huge spider is not for the faint of heart. As its name suggests, it is Copenius Sally A majestic animal is not at all interested in gnawing at people in German supermarkets. Because the timid eight-legged creature of the hunter spider family — not to be confused with fishing net spiders, to which this invasive species belongs — escapes after its imported discovery before threatening anyone. The Species Problem: Stray spiders are almost indistinguishable from the world’s deadliest spiders. And when they are discovered, it causes panic, evacuation and large-scale operations.

The greenhouse giant crab spider, created in Germany for a long time, is also responsible for large-scale operations in supermarkets. Because of their formidable appearance. and then: Heteropod venatoria Leg length reaches 30 cm! But the huge banana hiding his friend bites painfully when threatened, but with relatively harmless effects. In most cases, the warm giant crab spider is the eight-legged creature that frequently appears in banana bins in German supermarkets due to its worldwide distribution – such as Edeka in Heilbronn in 2017.

Banana spiders in Germany: Only one species is at risk of dying in the supermarket

But now to why “banana spiders” are so dangerous to humans: phone It is a genus name that means “fatal.” who – which Phonotria epilata Taking a “new” special role in supermarkets in Germany is beneficial to the death myth. However: this spider is considered a banana spider phoneArt may be quite aggressive, but it is relatively harmless compared to its infernal sister. Maximum consequences for humans after a bite:. Swelling and irritation of the lymphatic system.

Phenoteria The nigriventer, the Brazilian wandering spider, on the other hand, is the perfect human killer. And finally the “banana spider”, because of which supermarkets must be evacuated and rescue services must be alerted when something is found. Reason: the animal quickly withdraws from its hairy skin, can attack in a jump of up to 1.50 meters and has a venom 20 times more deadly than that of a black widow. How should people in the supermarket react when encountering a large spider?

  • Keep calm and keep your distance
  • If possible, cover the banana box
  • Call the firefighters and inform the staff
  • In the event of a sting, consult a doctor immediately

List of rules: © G. Kunz

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