Börse Express – Announcing the Japan Inspired NFT Portal (JINP), an art brand of NFT that represents a blend of traditional and modern Japanese culture.

TOKYO, April 20 /PRNewswire/ — The first series of NFTs will be titled “JUU-NIN-TO-IRO” and will be created by 10 top illustrators based on the theme of “Traditional Colors of Japan”.

The second edition titled “ON-KO-CHI-SHIN” is a series of NFTs showcasing traditional Japanese artwork produced by photographer RK, the best-selling Japanese artist on the NFT “Foundation” market.

She founded two Tokyo-based companies, CyberZ, Inc. and OEN, Inc. Manufacturer of NFT in June 2021 and are now collaborating on a new initiative to promote Japanese culture worldwide through the “Japan Inspired NFT Portal” (JINP).

Each edition includes a 4-letter kanji name and themes such as kanji characters, Japanese colors, Japanese paintings, and kimonos. These projects aim to share distinctive Japanese culture with the world.

[JINP: Hintergrund und Zukunft]

NFT transaction values ​​increased rapidly in 2021 and the selling price of digital artworks approaches the value of physical art.

With this in mind, the JINP project was launched with the goal of becoming a brand that attracts art lovers by sharing “traditional and modern Japanese culture” with the world. Our vision is to blend traditional culture with modern culture blend and preserve it for the future using blockchain technology.

Both JINP versions will have a 4-letter compound kanji and a string of works based on that theme.

4-character kanji groups are idiomatic expressions consisting of four consecutive kanji characters.

In the first series, titled “JUU-NIN-TO-IRO,” 10 illustrators will create NFTs to express traditional Japanese colors.

In the second stage, we plan to develop the artwork “ON-KO-CHI-SHIN” NFT based on the traditional Japanese work of world-famous photographer “RK”.

In the future, JINP plans to develop NFTs that express a mixture of “traditional and modern Japanese culture” using 4-character kanji sets.

In addition, various business expansions are planned through cooperation with group companies, such as B-Service using the latest 3DCG technology to create large buildings, fashion items, glass vases and people.

* JINP . website [1] https://jinp.art

* JINP Twitter https://twitter.com/JINP_OFFICIAL

* JINP Instagram https://www.instagram.com/jinp_official/

* Discord JINP https://discord.gg/RbQZMmkFeh

1. https://jinp.art/

[1. Serie: JUU-NIN-TO-IRO ]

“JUU-NIN-TO-IRO” means “everyone has his own ideas and tastes,” or in other words, “ten people or ten different ideas or tastes.”

Inspired by the meaning of this phrase, this time JINP will develop the NFT series with the theme of “Washoku”, which is the traditional color of Japan.

Each color of “washoku” has a unique name that expresses a season or a form of mood or taste in Japan. For this project, each painter will be responsible for one color. Total 10 illustrators will create artwork.

* Painters involved in the project

1. https://jinp.art/

fee( https://twitter.com/lalalalack ) outbreak ( https://twitter.com/teffish ) Suuno ( https://twitter.com/soOno2020 ) Ryota-H ( https://twitter.com/Ryota_H ) Murakaruki ( https://twitter.com/murakaruki ) Mywanu Raj ( https://twitter.com/rag_ragko my silence ( https://twitter.com/Sco_ttie (HxxG) https://twitter.com/Cheon1986 Nishikikop ( https://twitter.com/nishikikope Schocken ( https://twitter.com/oxSTL

* Sales Overview

1. https://jinp.art/

Period: Series 1 auction scheduled to start June 20, 2022

Market platform: foundation

Website: https://juu-nin-to-iro.jinp.art

[2. Serie: ON-KO-CHI-SHIN ]

The NFT artwork was produced by photographer RK on the theme of traditional Japanese artwork.

*Details will be available by the end of June.

*About the company [2] http://cyber-z.co.jp/ [3] https://www.oen.co.jp/

*Contact CyberZ, Inc. Official Spokesperson: Lisa Kiddo Email: [4] press@cyber-z.co.jp
Tel: 9001-5490-050 Fax: 03-5428-2318

1. https://jinp.art/
2. http://cyber-z.co.jp/
3. https://www.oen.co.jp/
4. press@cyber-z.co.jp

Photo – https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/1831303/JINP.jpg

Photo – https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/1831311/JUU_NIN_TO_IRO.jpg

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