Tchibo Camping Dog Accessories

The camping group starts right away in Tchibo. Items that dog lovers can use for their four-legged friend when camping are also included. We show all the products and have already taken a closer look at three.

Dogs are popular motorhome companions, after all, there are many camp sites that allow dogs and most four-legged friends to feel right at home in the camper with the human family around them. Of course, animal campers also need the right equipment to prepare for a vacation trip.

These are also available from Tchibo in June and July, because shopping online and in supermarkets is all about camping. In CARAVANING you can see more products. There is also a selection of products for dog owners. So if you’re interested in cheap gear for your camping dog, you’ll also find it in Tchibo until mid-July. Of note, Tchibo uses recycled polyester for its dog products.

dog blanket

Nan Raucher

If the dog is lying comfortably, campers can also have a leisurely breakfast.

The first thing we looked at was the dog blanket on the go. At first glance, a rather large package size is noticeable. In terms of size, it can be compared to a large sleeping bag or picnic blanket. This is somewhat inconvenient for anyone with little space in small vehicles. Packing the blanket for your hiking tour also makes you think twice.

But if you have enough space and want to use it at the campground or in the parking lot, you will be pleasantly surprised. The blanket itself is quilted and feels completely soft. The bag is included. According to the manufacturer, the underside is water-resistant. It’s cute and soft and still looks sturdy. Anyway, the dog willingly sat on it on the first try.

  • Dimensions (WxHxD): about 90 x 110 x 2.5 centimeters
  • price: €29.99

foldable dog bowl

Dog accessories from Tchibo

Nan Raucher

Glug, glug, glug, the bowl is just too big.

Collapsible dog bowls are often a bit big, so the Tchibo for small dogs is really huge. But it can be practically rolled up and fixed with an elastic band. Thanks to a carabiner on the side, it finds a place on the backpack for the hiking tour. According to the manufacturer, it is suitable for both food and water.

It held the water the first time it was used, but of course it doesn’t seal it off completely, like a collapsible silicone bowl, for example. This means: When you pack it up, it might be too wet.

  • Height / Top Width / Bottom Width: 10cm, about 20cm, about 22cm
  • price: 13 EUR

Dog leash with expander bag and hip

Dog accessories from Tchibo

Nan Raucher

The handlebar must be stretchable up to 2.6 metres.

Tchibo also has an interesting product for walking, hiking or jogging in its range. The hip bag, that is, the hip bag with a large and small space. The smaller of the two for stool bags with a matching dispenser. The larger compartment is suitable for smartphones, keys or small items.

Unfortunately, there is no subdivision for the larger compartment to pack the keys separately to protect the phone. An extra small candy bag will also be practical. The buckle looks very stable and tight, but it is easy to close. The size and arrangement of the compartments is very attractive, and it’s also smart to have a slightly padded hip bag, should your dog pull on a leash suddenly.

Dog accessories from Tchibo

Nan Raucher

The hip pocket, in which a mobile phone fits, is slightly padded.

A loop is attached to both sides of the bar, to which the leash can be attached. The leash comes with two snap hooks and a handle loop at each end. It can extend to just over 2.5 metres, the extender is very soft, which means it doesn’t offer much resistance.

  • Hip bag (W x H): Approx 30 x 11.5 cm
  • leash length: 160 to 260 cm approx, stretchable
  • price: 20 EUR

More camping dog products:

Dog accessories from Tchibo


Tchibo will have more dog accessories in June and July 2022.

In addition to the three items from the tried-and-true Tchibo camping kit, there is also a toy branch made of natural rubber for €10, which is said to float and is easy to clean. An XL dog harness in the same style as the extended leash is also available for €29.99 for dogs with a neck circumference of 58-75cm. There is also a food doll (€9.99) for training and for the owner and a small heart (5€ with 3 pieces) as an accessory for your backpack or hip bag.

Of course, Tchibo offers only a small selection of useful accessories and items for dog lovers and their four-legged friends. We have tried many camping dog accessories here.

You don’t know yet where the next trip with your dog should go? So get inspired here, we have the best destinations for dog owners.


In Tchibo there are always deals that also attract camping enthusiasts. All camping products can be seen at CARAVANING. We looked at dog camping products and found them very enjoyable, especially for the low price. A leash with a hip pocket makes a good impression, and if you don’t have to pay attention to the size of the pack, you will definitely like the dog blanket. One particularly positive thing is that Tchibo is based on recycled polyester. Gladly more recycled materials!

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