40 dogs confiscated: serious allegations against the police in Konstanz – region and country

In May, the Constance Police stopped an animal carrier and confiscated the car and dogs. But the Romanian company is now making allegations. (Icon picture) Photo: Pixabay

Did the police in Mühlhausen-Ehingen (Canton of Constance) act excessively when confiscating an animal carrier with 40 dogs and ending up endangering the animals? The Romanian carrier accuses officials of exactly that – and even threatens to go to court.

Mühlhausen-Eehingen / Singen / Konstanz – Background: On Saturday, May 21, police examined a Romanian animal carrier with 40 dogs on board the A 81. According to the report from Police Headquarters in Konstanz, the dogs “were crammed into very small cages, some It has feces and it’s dirty.” Officials confiscated the animals and the carrier. The carrier was ordered to provide a security deposit of 20,000 euros due to “numerous violations”. The “Tierrettung Südbaden / Hegau” took care of a temporary shelter for the dogs.

Is not everything as it seems?

Animal carriers are often stopped due to the presence of black sheep among the companies that transport the animals illegally. But the operator of the Romanian animal transport company Nova Pet Logistics now accuses the police of acting disproportionately. According to him, the violations identified by the police are unwarranted omissions. In one case, the dog had not yet been chipped, but the chip matching the sheets was in the truck. The entrepreneur asserts that it was a failure he learned from. In the other case, the slide number does not match the number on the sheets. The carrier says it’s a switched number. A mistake can happen to anyone.

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The company feels victimized

A company employee describes the police as unfriendly. Drivers were treated as criminals and were not allowed to leave the car, have a drink or go to the toilet. In addition, the truck and the dogs stood in the sun for more than ten hours in the police parking lot. During this time, he infected another dog.

Even during the first temporary housing of dogs in an animal shelter, an animal got bitten by it. Dogs could “walk between bars”. Meanwhile, the animals were distributed in up to six homes.

In addition, the carrier accuses the authorities of harassment. It represents about 20,000 euros as a security deposit. It had to be deposited in cash.

A spokeswoman for the veterinary office in Constance is categorically against this. The dogs were apparently transported in very small cages. Sometimes several dogs were locked together in a crate. The legal situation is clear.

The claim that the truck was standing in the sun is also not true. Police can confirm that the carrier was in the shade the entire time and that the engine was running to adapt the car. All dogs are doing fine now, 16 animals have already been released and handed over to the carrier or the new owners. Other dogs do not have the prescribed rabies vaccination titer in Germany and should not be released yet.

Regarding the accusation that 20,000 euros had to be deposited in cash, the spokeswoman explained that the company could have transferred the money. Security has also been significantly reduced in the meantime.

Companies and associations want to go to court

The carrier and at least two of the aid organizations on whose behalf the dogs were transported want to take legal action against the fine. The veterinary office in Constance sees the matter calmly: “We will represent our point of view, the law is on our side,” emphasizes the spokeswoman.

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