As Epic Chief Warns About Fortnite NFTs, First Crypto Game Lands On Store

What do you think when you read “Fortnite Token”? Tokens, tokens… These aren’t NFTs, are they non-fungible tokens?! Does Epic Games now want to add a crypto gaming level to the Fortnite hit Battle Royale? Well, this formal touch of polish is definitely intended. In fact, this is a cryptocurrency project by Fortnite fans. Unfortunately, Epic Games President Tim Sweeney didn’t find it funny to use Fortnite’s protected name in this way. His warnings:

NFTs a NoGo on the Epic Games Store?

The shot through the bow had an effect. subordinate Twitter channel And the Fortnite Token site is offline now. But that doesn’t mean Tim Sweeney is fundamentally opposed to it Crypto games, blockchain or NFTs (You just understand the train station? Click here for the special bear explanation) she has. The head of Epic made that clear last year.

coding games | came to stay

After adapting the Steamworks documentation specificallyTo exclude programs based on cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and NFTs, Sweeney stated that the Epic Games Store will not discourage these games. And now a blockchain game is getting ready for release on the Epic Games Store: the world’s first web3 battle royale Grit game.

A game the world does not need

As a report from Kotaku makes clear, it has only been clear for a short time that Grit will go down the crypto path. This was announced during the Galaverse Conference by Gala Games on June 6, 2022. Gala Games is not the developer of the game at all, but it has been a partner in the studio in charge of Team Grit since February. During this time, it appears that there has been a shift to a cipher system. Steam hasn’t noticed anything about this yet. There, the Grit product page has not been updated since January 25, and there is no mention of NFTs anywhere.

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