Dead by Daylight: A New Chapter The Roots of Horror Are Over

interactive behavior Announces that the last chapter of Died in broad daylightAnd the horror roots, available now. The new chapter brings a new killer, dredgeand the survivor Hadi Kor in the game. In addition to the new cosmetics, there is also the new map joy garden.

Darkness is all-powerful
dredge It is a manifestation of a collective nightmare. As long as she remains in the shadows, players will have a hard time knowing what they are dealing with due to her out-of-shape body covered in crooked limbs. capacity dredge Call Dark rule. It consists of two different stages: dusk And the nightfall. dusk It is a new feature that allows dredge It allows them to teleport across the map to surprise their victims hidden in unsuspecting safes. nightfall In turn, a countdown begins at the beginning of each experience that everyone can see and allows dredge Allows Summoning Darkness: Every Time dredge Survivors captured or teleported, the bar rises. Soon dredge Then summoning Nightfall limits the survivors’ view of the map, giving the killer the upper hand.

The new chapter also comes with a new map: File Joy Garden. The map depicts a scenic paradise in a quaint American town that hides great mysteries. The main building of this map is a classic family home, a ghostly symbol of domestic horror set against a cold and harsh background.

says Dave Richard, Creative Director of Died in broad daylight. “The darkness that fell upon the survivors, anxious to see dredgeAnd the fear that only controls us when we feel safe is something we really wanted to work with. We look forward to fans exploring this chapter — and delving deeper into what fear really means to them.”

survivor with bite
Those familiar with the archive will take a look Hadi Kor who now enters the nebula to take her in her rightful place as a survivor. The Gadites Her fascination with monsters started at a young age, so she is no stranger to fear. She has a unique ability to see accumulations of evil that cause schisms between the world of being and our world. Through her previous battles, she was one of the few survivors who could actually take on the assassins.

calm He is a very strong character with a really compelling story,” explains Dave Richard. “What I love about her is the duality of her character – she’s Québécoise and Indian, and despite being from our world, she always puts one foot in the other. This results in a gaming experience that makes you feel truly empowered.”

It’s a harsh summer
To celebrate the release of this chapter, as part of Mischievous Mannequin Set The outfit is very rare for dredge chest. uniforms crooked game Gives skulls as deadly as skulls.

As temperatures rise and air density increases, clothes get shorter, too. No one can stand the relentless heat port massacreEscape collection. The class also includes three new and very rare costumes to release: diver interference for Hadi KorAnd the sunshine session Michaela Reed and that yacht equipment For Felix Richter.

In addition, on June 14, a cocoon collectiona brutal mutation reveals insects within: twilight swarm To the messenger of death that own pollutionClothes for the doctor and that night butterflyOutfit Lenny Carlson.

Last but not least is a file summer vacationCollection Available just in time to shout “See you at camp!” It features new clothes for Dwight Fairfield and Kate Denson. The collection will be released on July 4th.

the new Died in broad daylight the classroom The horror roots Available on Steam, PS5, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, Epic Games Store, Windows Store, Nintendo Switch, and Stadia.

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