Ekpathi: This is the opposite of sympathy

No sympathy, no problem?

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How are you orgasm? Hate is the opposite of empathy. Find out why downtime doesn’t just bring drawbacks.

Hate: The Antithesis of Empathy

Empathy enables us to put ourselves in the shoes of others, to show empathy, and to empathize. Each of us with one Different levels of empathywhich have been shaped partly genetically and partly by our social environment.

Some sympathize so much that they have to cry when watching a sad series. Others are less sympathetic and distance themselves more. If the latter is the case There is so-called ecstasy. This is the psychological term for the opposite or opposite of empathy. Then we do not sympathize with others, but rather stay with ourselves.

One might now suspect that ekpathie Not a good personality trait It is – after all, how can there be any benefit in being less empathetic? In fact, this personality trait is often misunderstood. Being active doesn’t mean having no empathy at all. However, euphoric people are less suggestive of their emotions and remain realistic rather than empathetic. In some cases, this can be an advantage.

Hate vs. Empathy: Why Both Sides Crucial

In sympathy, I blur with you. If a dear friend went through a difficult separation, then the very sympathetic friend will suffer greatly. She feels pain, sadness and emptiness because she can sympathize with her friend. It’s like she’s experiencing a breakup herself.

Orgasm makes the ego more distant. Emotions are taken from others less or not at all. There is a stronger demarcation between one’s life and the lives of others. A resilient person may react differently to a best friend’s adoration: put yourself together, move forward and look forward – perhaps that is the motto. Here the feelings of the other person are neither reflected nor embraced.

Both sides are crucial, of courseToo much sympathy will turn us into cold, heartless people who are oblivious to the situations around us. However, being overly empathetic makes us manipulative, vulnerable, and confuses us, because empathetic people are less able to say no.

The golden mean would be perfectbecause the right level of empathy allows us to protect ourselves from drama and still provide help and comfort through an optimal level of empathy.

Courage: What is your level?

Now we come to the interesting question: How ecstatic are you? To better evaluate this, you should consider the following statements. Look at the following sentences: Do you recognize yourself in these phrases, Have a higher level of orgasm:

“I don’t make my feelings dependent on others.”

“The truth must come out – even if it could hurt (others).”

“When people are upset, I try to take countermeasures and remain calm and objective.”

If you prefer hearing, it is sometimes not easy to put yourself in the position of others. Or you make a conscious decision not to see them because you put your own concerns or well-being first. Great for Professional Negotiations – In the private sphere, it can also be tricky.

you have more Very high level of empathy? So you may find yourself in the following statements:

“Drop everything immediately if someone else gets into trouble.”

“It’s hard for me to say no because I want to please everyone.”

“Sometimes I don’t dare say what I think because I don’t want to offend anyone.”

very sympathetic person Throwing himself into other people’s problemsAs if it were your own. At the same time, this person is so wary of other people’s feelings that he often withholds their opinions. While this is very considerate, it can also mean neglecting your own interests.

Ecstasy or sympathy: Now you might have a better idea of ​​which direction you’re leaning. This knowledge can help you in the future to better assess yourself and adjust your behavior accordingly – depending on how comfortable you are.

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