Iceland’s Innovative Idea: Stop Working Like a Horse

Iceland supports the right horse and launches the first “OutHorse Your Email” service to make it easier for vacationers to travel without interruption.

The Icelandic Welcome Service, which is available worldwide, ensures that vacationers on the island do not work like a horse, as clever Icelandic horses answer their emails on behalf of the stable.

Three-quarters (59%) of all employees say their managers, colleagues and clients expect a direct response from them even when they are on vacation, while less than half (44%) feel really refreshed after their Reykjavik trip, May 19, 2022: Iceland now says no to work by mail Vacation e-mail and the launch of the world’s first stable analog service, so travelers can relax and enjoy a private stay while horses bang their hooves and swipe keys for them.

A recent global study by Visit Iceland found that two-fifths (41%) of people worldwide check their work email one to four times a day while on vacation, while at least one in ten (14%) checks their work email one to four times a day while on vacation. Five to six times a day checks your inbox. To encourage workers to stop altogether and experience the country’s stunning environment without distraction, Iceland is launching Outhorsing, the world’s first email response system featuring incomparable Icelandic horses.

Because of the pandemic, many employees have switched to working from home in recent years – blurring the line between work and private life. Research by Visit Iceland found that three-quarters (59%) of people globally feel that bosses, colleagues, and clients expect a response from them even while on vacation, while less than half (44%) really do so after feeling well. Furthermore, one in ten participants (15%) canceled or postponed a planned trip due to work.

Figures are based on an online survey of 1,000 German workers and 1,000 American workers by Censuswide on behalf of Visit Iceland between May 3-6, 2022.

For this reason, Iceland will publish commercial emails to travelers and will group the horses as stable representatives to respond so that they do not have to. With the help of a large keyboard mat, an Iceland outsourcing service ensures that the five-gait horses walk, trot, jump, wring and rush their hooves free to take care of absentee notes. Thanks to the answer options from þþnjifai = ‘. , lmbmbnbbhgycdrgzw/’pfæ ndaiFVxhðut7r7r7djsmfdsm until þnjifai \ ‘/. p, oii9unnbhvggyvgjhbjm, kfæ, .iklp – jpomohu o/’k; i, mumnf Travelers can place their bets on an Icelandic horse with a personal email of their choice as they roam the country undisturbed. And with the entire world dying to get back to exploring after two years of lockdown, two-thirds (33%) of the population believe holidays have become more important since the pandemic.

One-fifth (41%) say they feel better at work if they have enough time to relax beforehand.

For just under half (44%), the ideal trip is to explore different regions, while one-fifth (43%) would like to visit places that give them breathing space. Sigríður Dögg Guðmundsdóttir, Head of Tourism, Visit Iceland says: “We want to enable Icelandic travelers to experience all that our country has to offer – from stunning surroundings to endless landscapes and friendly faces. Our outsourcing service does just that, relieving travelers from the stress of having to Reach them on the go and let them be here and now on their journey.

With our stable representative offering, which is unique in the world, we want to encourage people to stop working and have a well-deserved break without inconvenience. It was completely natural for our equine talents to take note of the absence,” says Jelena Ohm, project manager at Horses of Iceland. In the tölt and gallop, they flew over the keys and created a series of unique emails that will help vacationers enjoy their trip without any interruption. Curiosity, intelligence and independence are just some of the reasons our horses are so special – now we can include email correspondence too.”

So let the reins slip, enjoy a distraction-free trip to Iceland, and remember: If work emails start pouring in while you’re on vacation, you’ll find well-deserved stable companions.

Photo: Visit Iceland

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