Pope Francis emphasizes the beauty of old age

Pope Francis rejected the obsession of youth and plastic surgery and instead referred to the beauty of old age. During his public meeting in St. Peter’s Square on Wednesday, the head of the church recalled the wisdom and life experience of the elderly. The Pope also praised the special tenderness of the elderly.

Stephanie Stahlhofen – Vatican City

Watch a grandfather or a grandmother looking at their grandchildren, caressing their grandchildren: this tenderness devoid of all human trials, which has overcome human trials and is able to freely give love, loving closeness to one on the other. This tenderness opens the door to understanding the tenderness of God. Let us not forget that the soul means the closeness, tenderness and tenderness of God. (…) Old age helps us to understand this dimension of God, tenderness,” said Pope Francis. The 85-year-old continued his educational series on the dignity of old age in the general public and also addressed the topic this Wednesday Illusions of Youth on:

“Wrinkles are a symbol of experience, a symbol of life, a symbol of maturity, a symbol of taking a journey.”

While we wait to conquer death, we can keep the body alive with drugs and cosmetics that slow, mask or push aside aging. Of course, wellness is one thing and myth-making is another. However, it is undeniable that the confusion of the two sides causes us to fall into a certain mental confusion. Confusing well-being and feeding the myth of eternal youth. So much is being done to restore that youth: so many tricks, so many surgeries to look young.”

Happy with wrinkles

From Pope Francis’ point of view, some wrinkles are not bad at all, quite the contrary. In a free conversation he spoke here about the Italian actress Anna Magnani. When she was told her wrinkles needed to be removed, she reportedly replied: “No, don’t touch them! It took many years to get it: Don’t touch it! “Pope Francis explained:

Wrinkles are a symbol of experience, a symbol of life, a symbol of maturity, a symbol of taking a journey. Do not touch them to be young and young in the face: what matters is the whole character, what matters is the heart, and the heart remains with the youth of good wine, which grows old with age.”

“What matters is the whole character, what counts is the heart, and the heart stays with the youth of good wine growing old.”

Nicodemus question

In his general audience this Wednesday, Pope Francis chose the Nicodemus story from the Gospel of John (John 3:3-6) as a starting point for his meditations on old age. Jesus told Nicodemus that one must see the kingdom of God
To be born from above.” Nicodemus does not understand this, for he sees old age as an obstacle. He says:
How is an old man born? The Pope explained:

It is not about being born again, repeating our coming into the world in the hope that the new reincarnation will open up the possibility of a better life for us again. This repetition is useless. On the contrary, it will deprive the life we ​​have lived of all its meaning and erase it, as if it were a failed experience, a ephemeral value, a void that can pass away. No, that’s not the point. This life is precious in the eyes of God: it makes us beings whom he loves with tenderness.”

From this perspective, aging has a unique beauty: we are heading towards immortality.

Francis emphasized that it is about, even in old age LOVE FOR THE MOST IMPORTANT DON’T FORGET:

From this perspective, aging has a unique beauty: we are headed toward immortality. Nobody can return to the womb, not even the technological and consumer alternative. Doing so does not give wisdom, nor does it give a perfect method, it is artificial. It would be sad even if it were possible. The old man is advancing toward his goal, the kingdom of God. Old age, then, is a special time to liberate the future from the technocratic illusion of biological and robotic survival, but above all because it opens up to the tenderness of God’s creative mercy and procreation. “

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