So you can save a lot of money with your pet

What is the cost of pets? A new study answers that question — and reveals how you can save on dogs and cats. imago / panthermedia, imago / photo by Belmayer

Countless people around the world keep pets – in Germany, too, hundreds of thousands of families are happy with a furry friend. Of course, most popular, how could it be otherwise, dogs and cats. And especially nowadays, when everything increases in price and many people do not have enough money to live, one asks oneself: what is the cost of such a pet? A new study answers that question — and it blew me away!

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Admittedly, I’ve never thought about the actual cost of the animal. On the other hand, this is due to the fact that I mainly have rabbits and guinea pigs as pets, which makes feed costs reasonable. Especially in the village, where lush greenery grows in the meadows, the villagers even brought their own skins of carrots and cucumbers. Second, because I believe money shouldn’t be an issue when giving an animal a home – because there is nothing more precious than love!

Interesting study: These dogs and cats are the most expensive

However, the question about costs has now been answered: coupons and discount platform Savo has examined how much money dogs and cats gobble up. Among other things, feed costs, insurance, taxes and care were assessed, as were fees for buying or adopting animals, prices for cat litter, cat collars, and the like. The result: cats are much more expensive than dogs! While you would have to pay close to €21,000 for a leopard’s house over the course of your life, a dog “only” costs €11,000.

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This was also calculated for individual breeds: when it comes to dogs, Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds and Beagles top the list – their cost is 15,102 euros (Golden Retriever), 12,403 euros (German Shepherd) and 12,351 euros (Beagles) throughout the year. their lives. Furthermore, there is the poodle with a price tag of 10,148 euros, a Rottweiler with a price of 10,507 euros and a terrier (10,271 euros). Bulldogs, Chihuahuas and Dachshunds are the cheapest at under €10,000.

According to the study, the Golden Retriever is the most expensive dog. imago / nordphoto

Cat prices are correspondingly higher: the owners need a whopping 25,000 euros for an animal of the Savannah breed, the Burmese cat is reflected in the family book with 23,200 euros and devours a whirlpool of about 23,130 euros over the course of its life. The cheapest here are cats of the Russian blue breed (16,735) and Persian and Abyssinian cats (each about 18,500 euros).

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That sounds like a lot – where can you still save? Basically, of course, you should not save on your pet. Anyone who decides to own a dog or cat should think about it so that stories like the one I write constantly don’t end up being: animals are abandoned, tied up in front of an animal shelter or even, as recently happened at Marzahn-Hellersdorf, disposed of like litter. So: please think about it carefully, an animal is not a commodity, not a cuddly fast creature, but a lifelong companion!

Savannah cats cost a lot of money. imago / perspective

However, experts from “Savo” have advice: you should buy animal feed in bulk, and not individual and small products. This saves money in the long run. It is also important to secure pets properly, because in the event of illness or an accident, a visit to the vet can become costly.

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Save on Pets: With these tips, dogs and cats cost less

But what’s probably the most important savings tip happens in the beginning, even when you’re considering a pet: Please don’t go to the breeder or buy animals online — instead, give the poor animal spirit of the animal shelter a new home. According to the Sappho study, the protection fee owed here for the animal is around 125 euros – unlike the hundreds or thousands of euros stolen elsewhere. But money is not decisive: with this gesture, you give a sad shelter animal one of the most beautiful moments in life – and this is priceless.

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