This week’s crypto trends: Gorilix (SILVA), Tron (TRX), and STEPN (GMT)

Gorilix (SILVA)

The pre-sale of one of the most anticipated cryptocurrencies of the summer has just begun on Gorilix DeFi is an exciting new project and we have high hopes for the governance token $SILVA.

Cryptocurrency pre-sale is traditionally the best time to buy tokens before launching them on exchanges due to the potential for high growth and additional rewards during the pre-sale period. Gorilix enables customers to become their own DeFi bank by borrowing, saving or lending their tokens. When customers lend or share their cryptocurrency, they receive impressive interest payments paid in SILVA tokens in US dollars, an ERC20 token that is an integral part of the Gorilix ecosystem.

Holders of the $Silva token can participate in all areas of the Gorilix ecosystem, including the opportunity to purchase digital art from the Sliva Kong NFT pool published by Gorilix.

To celebrate the launch of the Gorilix Defi, 25 extremely rare Sliva Kong NFT games, each valued at around 2 ETH, will be withdrawn. NFTs will be awarded to 25 lucky token holders during the pre-sale period. This is good news for anyone interested in buying SILVA tokens because they can not only earn NFT but can also benefit from early earnings expected in the pre-sale. Some analysts believe that more than 600% growth in the initial investment is possible in the pre-sale stage alone. This puts SILVA at the top of the list of cryptocurrencies to watch out for this coming June.

More information about the Gorilix project can be found at:

To join the community and social media channels visit:


Tron is one of the biggest cryptocurrencies ever. It ranks 13th by market capitalization and is currently generating positive returns over the past month – a feat unmatched by any other cryptocurrency in the top 100 (other than stablecoins).

Tron was originally created with the aim of giving digital content creators full ownership rights. Since then it has grown into much more. It relies on its own blockchain network capable of processing 2,000 transactions per second. For comparison, this is 333 times more than Bitcoin and 80 times more than Ethereum.

Tron made our list due to its 30 day price hike and the interest it has gained in cryptocurrencies. Wherever whales go, there are usually victories for all token holders.

Steben (GMT)

STEPN (GMT), another newcomer to the crypto space, has kept the industry in suspense due to its performance since the token’s full launch in March 2022. During this time, the value of the token increased tenfold. In particular, despite this increase, the token is currently 70% below its all-time high before the cryptocurrency crash in May 2022. GMT is a dual token associated with the STEPN Utility Token – Green Satoshi Token (GST) acquired by During the game rewards.

As the STEPN project continues to gain traction and more people get involved in the gaming side, we expect STEPN’s traction to grow again, positively impacting the GMT governance code, which directly benefits from the game’s popularity.

To purchase Gorilix tokens, visit:

You can join Gorilix communities and follow them on social platforms:

TRX and GMT are available through most cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

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