Jelmoli brought fashion to the Metaverse

The oldest department store in Switzerland is the first in this country to venture into the Metaverse region. Jelmoli has set up a showroom in its branch on Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich, where you can see and buy handmade clothes in real and virtual form through virtual reality glasses. The objective of the project is to combine the advantages of classic retail with new technologies and to operate the shopping scenarios of the future.

The project lasts for a month and is the result of a collaboration between Jelmoli, the marketing agency Zeam, which specializes in youth target groups in particular, and the STF School of Textiles. Their students designed 11 different “fashion items” – from coats to T-shirts to hippie pants – and produced a total of 137 pieces of clothing. In addition, students created virtual counterparts to individual pieces, which can be displayed in the virtual gallery either freely floating or on avatars.

many of Oculus headphones stand up In the showroom From Gelmole Ready. (source: zVg)

Virtual showroom – in store and at home

On the occasion of the opening of the showroom, there was also a virtual fashion show. Anyone who wears one of the available Oculus glasses on their head can navigate the digital space using the handy consoles and click on individual items of clothing to learn more about them. However, this does not necessarily require a VR headset: the showroom can also be explored on a computer, tablet or smartphone – this can be accessed on the Jelmoli website.

So be seen The showroom In the personal computer Outside. (source: screenshot×2.77x-3.07×2.23)

For a department store chain, the project is essentially an experiment. “Nobody knows where the trip is going to lead — and that’s okay,” said Cecil Moser, head of marketing and communications at Gilmole. “For us as a department store, this is above all a test. We want to know what the path to a new consumer world might look like, what is possible in this new field and gain experience.” In addition, the company would like to present itself as a partner in the future, if other companies register a need for similar projects. “We will be prepared in terms of knowledge and infrastructure.”

Cecil musher head From marketing & Communications Gilmole. (source: zVg)

However, it is still not clear what exactly can be imagined under the term “metaverse”. Joe Dietrich, CEO of Zeam, approached the question. “When you combine gameplay with social media, you are in the Metaverse,” he said. However, this is only the beginning. Now an entire branch of the economy is emerging that is supposed to revolve around the transfer and monetization of virtual content. This is done using digital certificates called non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

indeed pick lock, Executive Director From Zim. (source: zVg)

What does the fashion industry want to do with NFTs

Right now, NFT projects are basically scams, even if sometimes there’s a lot of money, Dietrich said. As an example, he cited the NFT’s most popular group “Bored Ape Yacht Club” – digital images of cartoon monkeys with bored expressions that sometimes changed at exorbitant prices. However, major fashion brands have always been targeting work-related purposes: At the end of April, for example, Nike released its NFT collection of sneaker photos. According to Dietrich, it is quite conceivable that one day a manufacturer will sell only physical shoes with a virtual counterpart – and not just as a good on top, but as a certificate of authenticity. This, for example, to take action against trade in counterfeit products.

If you want to get into the Metaverse, you don’t necessarily have to deal with NFTs. With cryptocurrency wallets, on the other hand, it is – at least if you want to buy something. This can also be done in Jelmoli’s virtual showroom: 5 pieces of clothing are on sale as part of the set, which can only be purchased including NFT via the OpenSea trading platform. The price for individual pieces is the same as in the store – except that you pay not in francs, but in ether. If you don’t have a crypto wallet yet, a Zeam employee can walk you through the matter in a Jelmoli showroom and also help you open your Metamask wallet.

who – which Team From Zim. (source: zVg)

The Metaverse showroom can be experienced on the first floor at Jelmoli in Zurich until July 8.

By the way: In March, Jelmoli agreed to a partnership with Sharely. The department store wants to rent a selection of products via the online sharing platform in the future.

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