Leisure fun for children and young people: Hagen Ferienmaus offers workshops

There is no time for boredom in Hagen during the summer holidays: the Department of Youth and Social Affairs of the city of Hagen has developed an exciting summer vacation programme. From June 27 to August 5, all municipal youth facilities offer as well as youth facilities operated by independent sponsors Various workshops for Children from eight to twelve years old on me. Unfortunately, due to the long planning lead and the unexpected development of the Corona pandemic, the Ferienmaus program cannot be carried out as usual.

Various workshops:
Nature, Sports and Creativity

Workshops are held every week off Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Registration is for one week at a time, and individual days cannot be reserved. The costs are 70 euros per child and per week. The subscription fee is paid directly upon registration. All children and young people from Hagen can look forward to various exciting and fun musical, creative, sports and entertainment shows:

The holiday offer will be announced as a “Happy Week” at the Eilper Welle Children and Youth Center (June 27-July 1), where various activities and excursions are offered in the programme. In addition, a dance workshop on the theme of hip-hop will be held at the Emst Family Center and a medieval workshop at the Vorhalle Youth Center during the first week of the holiday.

The second week of the holiday (July 4-8) begins with a workshop on the topic of aircraft building at the Cube Youth Center. Also in the second week of the holiday, children can take part in a creative workshop at the Emst Family Center or at the circus school in Friedenshaus Altenhagen. A toy building workshop is in the program in the third week of the holiday (July 11-15) at the Polazzo Youth Center. The Youth Center in Hohenlimburg and AWO Jugendcafé Real organize a theater workshop and there is a dance camp at the Emst Family Centre.

In the fourth week of the holiday (18-22 July) children can look forward to an outdoor workshop in the Haspe Children’s and Youth Park. In addition, the “Loxbaum Grand Olympiad” is held at the Loxbaum Youth Center. Another ‘Happy Week’ will take place at the Eilper Welle Children and Youth Center this holiday week. Kultopia invites you to a book workshop.

The fifth week of the holiday (July 25-29) begins with a South American Cajun drum workshop at Haspe Children’s and Youth Park. In addition, the Loxbaum Youth Center organizes another “Loxbaum Olympiad”. The Hohenlimburg Youth Center organizes a soccer workshop for girls and boys. A workshop at Kultopia revolves around the topic of “Hip-Hop, Rap and Graffiti”. In the sixth week of the holiday (1-5 August), all interested children can take part in an outdoor workshop in the Haspe Children’s and Youth Park. It’s sporty again at the youth facility in Hohenlimburg with a football workshop for girls and boys. A Journey Through Time by YMCA Hagen in Koltopia under the theme “On the Path of Time” completes the holiday programme.

Registrations: Appointments can now be made

Since only a limited number of places are available for the respective events, parents of interested children should secure places as soon as possible. Due to restrictions in place, parents cannot come to register without making an appointment in advance. Early registration times are set from Friday 10 June to Thursday 23 June. During this period, parents can register their children at Ferienmaus Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to noon, 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. and Friday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. On Thursday and Friday, June 16 and 17, the Hagen city administration will be closed. You can now make an appointment. To make an appointment to register, the parents enter the requested date and time in the contact form. The date will then be confirmed by email or an alternative date will be provided. From Monday, June 27, an individual appointment to register for the Rathaus II can only be made by phone with Anke Kämper at 02331 / 207-3668.

Of course, the Ferienmaus offer is also aimed at children with disabilities, whose parents should contact Anke Kämper in advance. The complete brochure with the entire program and the contact form for appointments is available on the website of the municipality’s Department of Youth and Social Affairs at www.hagen.de under the menu item “Children and youth” and “Holiday offers”.

More offers

In addition to the workshops mentioned in the Ferienmaus brochure, there are other holiday offers from children’s and youth work in Hagen. Youth centers, youth associations, and other independent organizations organize day events, workshops, and holiday camps, among other things. The planned offers can be found online at www.wasgehtinhagen.de. Under “Calendar,” you can search for events on specific days or weeks. Offers are constantly being added to. Changes and cancellations may occur in a short time. Interested parties should contact the relevant service providers for registrations and inquiries.

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