Neustadt cinema tips from June 9 – Neustadt whispers

Schauburg, Federal Start: “France”

France – in Schauborg

France de Meurs is the elegant and sought-after center of the Paris media world: as the host of a popular news program, she occasionally gives interviews to a guerrilla leader in a hail of bullets or the French president at a press conference at the Elysee Palace (in a guest role: Emmanuel Macron). Even a small mundane accident shakes their world…

Thalia: “Everything, everywhere at once”

Everything everywhere at once - in Schauberg
Everything everywhere at once – in Schauborg and Thalia

Who does not know that? Something that sounds as simple as b- tax return preparation is getting out of hand. What could follow, but not necessarily, narrates the exuberant “everything everywhere at once” sci-fi/action/kung fu adventure, which leaps through multidimensional universes at the speed of light.

At the heart of this explosive mix is ​​Michelle Yeoh (“Tiger & Dragon”) as the reluctant saviour, whose opponent is played by the incomparable Jaime Lee Curtis. In Thalia in the original with translation.

Schauburg, Federal Beginning: “Belle”

Belle - in Schaauburg
Belle – in Schaauburg

Suzu is a teenager who lives with her father in a small town in the mountains. But in the virtual world “U” is BELLE, the music icon.

“Belle” is a fantastical masterpiece of Japanese animation that tells of the possibilities of self-realization in virtual worlds with great empathy.

Thalia: “Btaina”

Bettina - in Schaauburg
Bettina – in Schaauburg

Songwriter Bettina Wegener, born in 1947, sings about life in the German Democratic Republic, the feelings of being uprooted in West Berlin, and looks back with humor and honesty on life in the Resistance.

Lutz Beinert’s film about singer-songwriter. She herself once said that if her songs were no longer true, she would retire and let the guitar float in the river. Well, the 74-year-old still owns your instrument. This is certain.

Schauburg, Federal Beginning: “Sunset – Secrets in Acapulco”

Sunset - Secrets in Acapulco - in Schaeuburg
Sunset – Secrets in Acapulco – in Schaeuburg

Neil and Alice are part of a wealthy family vacationing in Mexico until an emergency flight stops the trip. When a relative upsets the family’s fragile order, the tensions so far wisely swept under the rug surface.

Exceptional director Michel Franco directed another extraordinary film after “New Order” (2020 The Silver Bear in Venice).

Thalia: Federal start: “Come on, Come on”

Come, come - in Thalia
Come, come – in Thalia

Although radio journalist Johnny does not have a good relationship with his sister Viv, he offers her to temporarily take care of her nine-year-old son, because Viv has to take care of her sick husband. He and his nephew Jesse set out on a research trip through the major cities of the United States.

He wants to ask children from immigrant families about their lives and their fantasies about the past, present and future. Soft black-and-white photographs by photographer Robbie Ryan (“Marriage Story,” “The Favourite”) oscillate between the hustle and bustle of Detroit, Los Angeles, New York and the intimate scenes on the road. After the films “The Beginners” and “Women of the Century”, author and director Mike Mills once again painted a wonderful family portrait. In Thalia in the original with translation.

Schauburg, Federal Start: “Risks and Side Effects”

Risks and side effects
Risks and side effects

A comedy cat-and-mouse game begins when Pilates instructor Katherine receives a diagnosis that she needs a new kidney. Of course, the first thing to do is to ask her husband Arnold if he would like to donate one of them – after all, with the same blood type, he would be a suitable donor.

The architect, who is as successful as he is self-centered, is reluctant, however, to support his wife with her altruism with the vital organ. Love has cooled for a while and a new major architectural project requires his full attention.

The situation comes to a head when their mutual friend Gotze offers to be a donor. This altruism in turn angered his wife, Diana.
Two marriages and a friendship of four are soon on edge when a sudden development turns the whole thing upside down again.

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