Dogs of different breeds have offspring – puppies look very cute

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Have you ever wondered what happens when two purebred dogs mate? The cutest looks from Border Collie, Goldie, Shepherd and Co.

Munich – “How cool is this, what kind of dog?” Owners of dogs who have a so-called hybrid dog (or designer dog) are often asked this question. There are now between 600 and 800 different dog breeds around the world. About 390 breeds are officially recognized by the FCI (The Fédération Cynologique Internationale), the largest umbrella organization for purebred dogs. However, there are other umbrella organizations that include four-legged friends on their list of dog breeds.

Dogs of different breeds have offspring – the difference between pedigree dogs and designer dogs

What does the offspring look like when the parents are Border Collie and Golden Retriever?

© Border Collie (Westend61), Golden Retriever (Panthermedia) / Imago

If a purebred dog has offspring with a four-legged friend who does not belong to any “breed”, the result is a mixed breed. If two dogs of different pedigree are mated, then the offspring is called a hybrid dog.

Silas lives with his mistress in the United States which is a beautiful result of the Border Collie and Golden Retriever mating. It is also very similar to gold, except that its fur is black. His mistress simply refers to him as the “Black Golden Retriever”. However, it should not be confused with the Flat Coated Retriever, which is an FCI-recognized British dog breed.

Dogs of different breeds have offspring – Wesh Corgi Pembroke and Siberian Husky

With their short legs, the Welsh Corgi Pembroke from Great Britain has captured the hearts of dog lovers. (Icon picture)

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The Siberian Husky is one of the most primitive dog breeds and is closely related to the wolf. (Icon picture)

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An interesting mix is ​​the young male Walker from Iowa. Particularly striking: the icy blue eyes. However, the physique remained small. Corgi Husky mix is ​​also known as “Horgi” or “Siborgi”.

Dogs of different breeds have offspring – Shar Pei and German Shepherd

The folds and small oyster ears are particularly characteristic of the Chinese Shar Pei. (Icon picture)

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The German Shepherd Dog is a very popular and sought-after dog all over the world. (Icon picture)

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Dog Moira lives with her master in Texas and she is a wonderful little thing. The coat color and structure is reminiscent of a sheepdog. The folds are clearly mapped to the Shar Pei. Four-legged friends can be found under the term “German Shar Pei” or “Shepherd Pei.”

Dogs of different breeds have offspring – Golden Retrievers and Yorkshire Terrier

The Golden Retriever is one of the most popular family dogs. He charms the friendly and loving nature. (Icon picture)

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Sweet button eyes and lots of energy. The Yorkshire Terrier is a happy and loyal companion dog. (Icon picture)

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Male Tucker is a really cool sock that loves long walks on the beach. He lives with his mistress in Knokke-Heist, Belgium. Four-legged friends are also called “Goldenshire”.

Dogs of different breeds have offspring – Pomeranian and Siberian Husky

The Pomeranian, or Pomeranian, is a lively and intelligent ball of fur. (Icon picture)

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The Siberian Husky is a breed of wild sled from the United States. (Icon picture)

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The cross between a Pomeranian and a Siberian Husky is called a “Pomski” or a “Huskarian”. As with most hybrid breeds, you want to combine the positive traits of each breed. Due to their great willingness to work, the Husky is not suitable for everyone. This is where the friendly Pomeranian comes into play.

The result is wonderful mixtures of different sizes and appearances. Like the cute “Pomski” Mishka. The male lives in Moscow with his family.

List of rules: © Border Collie (Westend61), Golden Retriever (Panthermedia) / Imago

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