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Public holidays or school holidays are not just a reason to celebrate for everyone. Many people – especially those who work and single parents – present significant challenges, both organizationally and financially, during public holidays and even during long vacations. Ask yourself: Where do you take the child when it is free and you have to go to work in person? Modern day care centers and elementary schools provide emergency care at least once a week. Summer camp, soccer camp, or horse farm can be an option for teens, but only if enough funds are available. If you have to leave your child at school alone for hours at a time, it’s a good idea to have an alarm system monitored remotely, like that from security provider Ver. The center will then verify the dangerous situation and immediately provide appropriate assistance. Safety experts have summarized for you when children should ever be left alone and the best way to prepare.

When can you leave children alone with a clear conscience?

In line with today’s Child Safety Day, Ratingen safety experts, who are there for their customers around the clock in all kinds of emergencies, are trying to clarify this complex question. The more independent the children, the greater the comfort of everyday working parents. Leaving them alone is a necessary and important development step that must be achieved sooner or later. But parents are often unsure of the right time. This is true, because the question of “parental care” cannot be answered in general terms. Nor does the law provide any clear regulation on the duty of supervision, since leaving children alone depends on their individual development, state of health and specific circumstances.

Without legal requirements as to when and how children can be left alone, the question arises as to whether the parents have violated the duty of care, usually when the child has “fallen into the well”, that is, when something happens. In general, children up to 3 years of age should not be left unattended. This is also recommended by the Federal Conference on Educational Extension (BKE). If a parent stays nearby, appropriately developed children from 4 years of age can be left alone in a safe environment for a maximum of 10 to 30 minutes. School children from 7 years old can stay home alone for up to two hours if their development and environment permit. In the case of children from 12 years of age, independence is assumed to have advanced so far that they can be left alone already half a day. From the age of 14 children are considered teenagers. Then the duty of parental care remains, but it is no longer the duty of permanent supervision. Depending on their personality and development, youngsters can also be left alone overnight if conditions are right.

Preparation is everything

If you have to or want to leave your child alone at home, you should note the following:

  • Environmental safety: have potential sources of danger been eliminated? Are toxic or combustible materials and pointed/sharp objects inaccessible? Can a child open doors and windows in an emergency? Can the child reach the phone?
  • It is important to talk to the child beforehand about the planned absence and to practice being alone so that the necessary trust is built on both sides.
  • Agree on clear rules and also talk about exceptional situations. What rooms, appliances and activities are prohibited? How should a child behave when the phone rings or someone rings the doorbell. This is where a video doorbell can come in handy, so that you can talk to visitors over a cell phone and control the situation yourself.
  • Time without a caregiver can be very stressful for children, as an important aspect of stability is lost, which can be painful in the worst case. So it is imperative that parents stick to agreements and come back on time!
  • Emergency Availability: Kids definitely need a contact person for difficult moments. If you can’t be reached by phone yourself, name someone else. Make it easy for your child to use the phone by setting up speed dial buttons and training in making calls. Download the Verisure app using the SOS button on your child’s cell phone. Then, in an emergency, your child can contact the safety experts at home or have Ver Leisure accompanied outside and present if necessary.
  • Despite good preparation, emergencies can arise. Discuss in advance what to do (without scaring the child) if there is a fire, for example. In the event of a fire, it is important to leave everything and leave the apartment as soon as possible. Verizor smoke detectors not only locate the fire, but tell the alarm center directly.
  • The ability to simply press the SOS button in case of danger, as with Verisher’s easy-to-use, intelligent, high-security alarm system, gives children and parents peace of mind and can be extremely useful in an emergency. Because then the experienced security specialists will clarify the situation within seconds via video and audio and escort your child through the situation from a distance until the danger is eliminated.
  • Can you leave children alone with siblings? It makes sense to leave young children alone with older siblings. However, whether this makes sense depends on the maturity of the siblings and the relationship and respect between the children.
  • Finally, what ought to be a normal applies: Never lock up babies and never leave them alone overnight!

No more fear at the front door with smart access protection

Recently, Versor’s smart alarm system includes a smart door lock. This allows access to buildings, both private and commercial property, even when you are not there. Residents, parents or business owners can operate the electronic lock remotely using an app. And in verified emergencies, the Alert Center gives Verizor access to police, firefighters or rescue services.

What does VirusSure do?

Verizor is the leading European provider of 24/7 professionally monitored and remotely certified high security alarm systems. With an average of 600,000 installations per year, Verisure ensures the security of 4.4 million customers in 17 countries in Europe and Latin America. The company protects private homes and small businesses with the latest security solutions and thus helps them lead a carefree life. Fireshore is already well known in many countries for its innovative products and services, high customer orientation and excellent sales performance. Verizor is also growing rapidly in Germany despite the global pandemic. Although the company has only been active here since the end of 2018, the security experts, under the direction of Alvaro Grande Royo Vilanova, now have more than 350 employees and are already protecting more than 17,000 satisfied customers in Baden-Württemberg, Berlin, Brandenburg, Bremen, Hamburg, Hesse and Lower Saxony, NRW, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland and Schleswig-Holstein.

Versor, the company

Founded in 1988 as a division of Sweden’s Securitas AB, Verisher (or Securitas Direct) quickly became an independent provider of affordable home alarm systems. In 1993, live monitoring, i.e. round-the-clock monitoring by personnel from our service monitoring centers and emergency calls, was added. In 1996, the offer was extended to small businesses. Versor Group, headquartered in Geneva, has been expanding in Europe, Latin America and South America since the 1990s. The global company, led by CEO Austin Lally, now handles about 600,000 facilities annually, employs more than 17,000 people and protects a total of 4.4 million customers in 17 countries including Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy and Germany.

What does the word versir mean?

“Very” comes from verification. This means that VdS-certified specialists at the 24/7 indoor emergency call center and Service Control Center in Ratingen check the signals from the high-security alarm system to see if it’s a false alarm or an emergency. In the latter case, the police, security guards and rescue services are immediately called and, if necessary, the fog-like ZeroVision® privacy screen is triggered as an anti-theft device. Sure stands for Verisher’s comprehensive reliability, security and protection.

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