Watch out, single ladies: with this custom, you may find love in Altötting on the summer solstice

The twenty-first of June is the middle of summer: greet the beginning of summer with fire. (Icon picture)


The twenty-first of June is the summer solstice. This event is celebrated with different customs in many Scandinavian countries. One of them is designed to bring love to a single woman. Perhaps you would also like to test its effectiveness?

Altötting – While in this country the summer solstice is hardly given any other significant meaning, it is celebrated in many Scandinavian countries such as Sweden with the Great Midsummer Festival.

After all, a large part of life is now happening outside again, which is a huge plus for individuals looking for a partner. Because at festivals, barbecues and co. there are many opportunities to get acquainted with interesting men and women.

And if love doesn’t quite work out, there is still the option of searching for a partner online. You will find many sexy singles who are also looking forward to summer but have not yet found the right partner to enjoy the warm sunshine often.

A wreath for a midsummer dance. (Icon picture)


The magic of midsummer night and flowers bring sweet dreams

According to custom, single women looking for a partner should put flowers under their pillows on a midsummer night, and then, if they did everything right, they are supposed to dream about their future husband.. If you want to try your luck, then you should observe the following rules:

  • Choose seven different flowers from seven different lawns.
  • Don’t talk, sing, or laugh while picking.
  • Put the collected flowers under your pillow and sleep on it.
  • Do not tell anyone about who you dreamed, otherwise your dream will not come true.

Even if you don’t think magic or a particular ritual can affect your love life, this floral habit can at least make the start of summer fun.

Use the longest day of the year to find a partner

So that the dream of a new partner does not remain just a dream, it makes sense to use the summer solstice and, accordingly, the longest day of the year to make new contacts.

For example, you could throw a summer party inspired by the social festivals that are celebrated on this day in many Scandinavian countries. Invite friends, neighbors, and co-workers and let an invited guest know that they are welcome to bring someone else with them.

Perhaps there is one face among the new faces that you particularly like. Or you can take this opportunity to get to know someone in your circle a little better and you may find that they are more likeable than you thought.

If you have already planned a small trip in the near future, you can also use the 21st of June as an opportunity to attend a real midsummer celebration and take a short trip to Sweden. Far from everyday life, in a relaxed atmosphere and among people who celebrate together in a good mood, with a little luck you will not only find some relaxation, but perhaps also the love of your life.

If you don’t feel like throwing your own party or wandering away to meet someone, why not head out in style for the summer solstice.

Since the light is so long on June 21, you still have a good view of the interesting singles roaming your area even outdoors in the evening. A lakeside café, a cozy beer garden, a concert or a well-frequented city pub terrace are suitable places to make new acquaintances in summer.

Would you rather stay home on the longest day of the year and rest on your balcony, in the garden, or simply on your sofa? Even then you can meet nice men and women.

with registration in Connect with interesting singles from the area in a very short time Altoetting. You can use the already short night for flirting, and if you believe a bit in the magic of Midsummer Night, then you should definitely try if it will bring you the magic of love.

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