Niftable and Station Gallery Announces Partnership NFT and OBV Launches Next NFT

Graph Blockchain Inc: Graph Blockchain: Niftable and Station Gallery Announces NFT Partnership, OBV Launches Next NFT

Toronto, Ontario – June 10, 2022 – Graph Blockchain Inc. (“Graph” or “the Company”) (CSE: GBLC) (OTC-Pink: REGRF) (FSE: RT5A) Announcing the latest news from the company’s wholly owned subsidiary, Niftable, reporting to. Niftable has entered into a partnership agreement with Whitby Arts Inc. (acting as the Station Gallery) The Station Gallery will support the creation of Non-Foldable Tokens (NFT) and advise on marketing strategy, NFT sales and NFT after-sales service.

Station Gallery will provide artists and artwork to NFT and collaborate with Niftable before launching its first joint project to market this summer.

Station Gallery aims to harness the potential of art and culture to meaningfully and persuasively educate, connect and inspire our diverse communities.

For more information about Station Gallery, visit the website:

This is a new area for Whitby artists, and we are excited to partner with Niftable in exploring new ways to experience art, said Natasha Downs, Executive Director of Station Gallery.

We are so glad we were able to win Station Gallery as a partner and can guide you through the world of NFT. We continue to believe that NFTs are a way for nonprofits to raise capital. Michael Young, President of Niftable Inc.

We warmly welcome Station Gallery as one of our Niftable partners. We are delighted that the exhibition is entering the world of NFT. Since we are already working with another nonprofit organization, we remain convinced that there is a tremendous opportunity for our shareholders in the nonprofit and NFT space,” said Paul Haber, CEO of the company.

One Body Village

Niftable is also pleased to announce that One Body Village intends to launch the upcoming NFT in collaboration with Niftable by the end of this month. Niftable believes that the NFT and the crypto market are showing stability and the timing is perfect for another NFT launch.

About the station exhibition

Station Gallery (SG) is a public art gallery and registered non-profit organization. SG is a creative hub in the community and hosts art exhibitions by emerging, emerging and established artists. SG offers arts and culture to children, youth, adults, and families of all ages and abilities through programs, classes, workshops, performances, and special events. Al Mahatta Gallery is a resource for artists and an advocate for creativity and empowerment.

About Graph Blockchain

The Graph Blockchain offers its contributors exposure to different areas of Decentralized Finance (DeFi). Focusing on cryptocurrency through its wholly owned subsidiary of Babbage Mining Corp. , a Proof of Stake (POS) mining company, and Beyond the Moon Inc. Graph, a company focused on IDOs (Initial DEX Offerings), Graph offers investors exposure to market-wide crypto-futures with the major technological revolution and potential gains that altcoins mean. Additionally, by investing in New World, Graph offers its shareholders exposure to the emerging and rapidly growing NFT market. For more information about the company, visit

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Paul Haber, CEO


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