Beckmann warns the Minister of Education against ‘hiding the shortage of teachers’ with the help of digitization

Cologne. Udo Beckmann, Federal President of the Education and Training Association (VBE), has warned education ministers against using school digitization as a “Trojan horse” to “disguise the teacher shortage”. On the contrary, schools need more staff support – especially for setting up and maintaining IT. Speak Udo Beckmann At the didacta booth of AixConcept – an IT service provider for schools – on the state and prospects of digital education in Germany with News4teachers publisher Andrej Priboschek.

The Minister of Education warns: Federal VBE President Udo Beckmann. Photo: Windmüller/VBE

The pandemic has greatly accelerated digitization, or rather the digital equipment of schools with digital devices, albeit to varying degrees from one region to another. However, this sudden boost should not mask the fact that more talk about digital change is required,” said Udo Beckmann.

“In many places, the development of technical infrastructure cannot keep pace with the surge in equipment. Not all schools have broadband and W-Lan. It takes personnel who have professionally set up and taken care of IT infrastructure. These should not be left out. The task is for teachers. Otherwise, digitization is not an additional profitable development, but an additional burden in the already stressful daily work of teachers. Here schools must be widely supported and nurtured by the employer.”

The National VBE President also emphasized: “Teachers need legal certainty when using digital media. In addition, the security of school data must be ensured at all costs. School management must ensure as much transparency as possible. Teachers will also be provided with additional and advanced training in this area. They are trained in current data protection guidelines and copyright regulations.”

“In light of the high workload of teachers, additional training should be possible during working hours”

Teacher training should also be better oriented to the requirements of digitization. Udo Beckmann: “Acquisition of digital skills should be part of teacher training in all three phases. So far, this has been better ensured in training. However, apart from a few lighthouse projects, there is still a significant shortfall, especially in the study phase.

Teachers in the system continue to complain that not enough additional training is being provided in terms of quality or quantity. The VBE chief explained: “The topics for further training should be, for example, pedagogical aspects of digital learning, copyright, data protection, youth protection and technical topics,” and demanded: “Freedom of additional individual training, as well as for online formats of electronic courses, To be available to teachers. This enables continuous and systematic acquisition and development of skills and attitudes. Given the high workload of teachers, more training must also be made available during working hours.” News4teachers

AixConcept conversations

News4teachers publisher Andrej Priboschek also had an AixConcept discussion on digitizing schools as part of the didacta education fair with the National President of the Association of Linguists, Professor Susan Lynn Klitzing – click here for the report.

Other appointments in AixConcept platform, IT service provider for schools (Hall 6, booth B30-C37):

  • Jürgen Bohm, Federal President of the German Teachers’ Association Realschule (VDR): “Digitale Pioneer Realschulen?” Wednesday, June 8, 2022, 3:15 PM – 4:00 PM
  • Mike WienerFederal President of GEW: “Don’t Lose Equal Opportunity”, Friday 10 June 2022, 10.15 – 11.00 a.m.

Also guest: Honorary President of the Didacta Association Mr. Dr. Multiple. Vasilios e Phthenakis. The former director of the State Institute for Early Education in Munich and professor of developmental psychology, recipient of the Federal Order of Merit, will speak with journalist Stefan Malter on Friday, June 10 at 12:15 pm about digital education.

“The great opportunity for digitization lies in the fact that we are finally making individual learning possible.” Educational researcher Rolf in an interview


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