Beats and Love in Oldenburg: Celebrations in a circus tent

Festival season has begun and in the first few weeks it has already stirred up the excitement of thousands of people who had to wait a long time for live outdoor music and rave parties. There will also be an event in Oldenburg with “Beats und Liebe” that is very reminiscent of the classic festival but in a slightly different way.

This is a scheme

The organizing team promises a four-day program with live music, DJ performances and a final Balkan party in the circus tent. In addition, there will be a comfortable outdoor area with plenty of seating and a catering area.

“Unlike last year, we will not be creating a climbing wall or separate play area for children. This time we want to focus on live events,” says Jannik Kirchner of the organization’s team.

the place

The place is a large open space next to Weser-Ems-Hallen. “We have once again collaborated with several organizers and are building a large circus tent. It is a special place where you can never party,” says Kirchner, looking forward to the evening. “While there is dancing inside the tent, outside visitors have time to relax and chat in a relaxed atmosphere and outdoors,” continues the organizer. It was well received last year and it will be the same again this year.

Why headphones?

“Headset party is a concept for listening to party music and dancing without strangers or residents being exposed to the sound until late at night,” reports Jan Thie, who is also part of the organization team. This form of celebration was also present at Beats und Liebe last year and was well received by visitors. “We have about 500 pairs of headphones for our guests, who can switch between different music channels as they dance,” Tiye explains. Mobile devices must be delivered from 10pm. Music plays until about 2am.

private party

Saturday evening is supposed to be a special evening. “We set up the program in collaboration with the Newland Festival,” says Kirchner. A highlight is Kabaret K, where vaudeville artists and street performers perform globally and combine high art with offbeat humour. Right after that, there will be the Balkan Beat Party, where traditional folk music from Southeast Europe will fuse with Western dance music.

the tickets

Visiting Beats and Love is free in its simple form. However, this only includes the outside area and restaurants. If you want to participate in the parties, you need to get tickets at the box office or in advance online. There are many options – from a single ticket for all events to tickets for separate events.

Online tickets:

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