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June 14, 2022 – 12:37 pm hour

Summer is here, and the kids can finally go outside easily and without much effort – so put your shoes on and take them off in the garden. But many parents know the problem: children often get bored very quickly in front of their homes. The climbing frame is perfect for bringing a small feel of the playground to the garden. Anyone who can imagine building one of these large play structures with swings, slides, and the like will quickly shy away from the costs.

Are there high quality, affordable climbing tires?

yes! Climbing frames are sometimes available for a relatively cheap price – less than 500 euros. We show the various variants and the cheapest offers currently on the Internet.

important note: Climbing frames are usually delivered in individual parts and always assembled by yourself – this is not necessarily the most rewarding task for parents, but in the end the result is what counts. Tip: Invite friends over, serve cold drinks or light up the grill and turn the noisy setting into an event.

Inexpensive multi-level: “Smart Savannah” climbing tire from Wiki

Manufacturer Wickey is known for its high-quality climbing tires that still offer some small extras in addition to standard equipment: the “Smart Savana”* tire not only comes with a slider and two swings, but also offers a built-in, covered sandpit, a convenience store and plenty of climbing opportunities. The climbing frame has a roof and as an added feature, a steering wheel for young pirates or racing drivers and a telescope.

The main data of “Smart Savanna”:

  • Wave slide with water compass 220 cm
  • 2 swing seats including adjustable ropes
  • 5 climbing stones
  • 4 safety knobs
  • Racing steering wheel, telescope
  • Inclined climbing ladder, straight climbing wall
  • Weatherproof Tarpaulin Roof
  • store with canopy
  • 1.20m platform height

The ‘Smart Savana’ play structure is currently available from Mano Mano for €669.95* – an offer so good that it even beats the current Amazon price. Additionally, scaffolding is a great versatile tool that offers classic standards and small additions, but isn’t too bulky or complicated to set up. If you want to spend less than 700 euros and still buy great scaffolding for your child, you will not find a better offer at the moment.

Play Heaven for under €1,000: Fatmoose “ActionArena”

Your garden is big enough and you want the climbing frame to be a little bigger and therefore more exciting for the kids? Then “ActionArena” from manufacturer Fatmoose* is the best deal: In addition to the slide and swings, the XXL play tower also offers a climbing net, wobbling board, basketball hoop and climbing wall—making it the perfect play equipment for slightly older kids to let off steam.

Main data of “ActionArena”:

  • XL Wave Slide
  • wobble board
  • climbing rope
  • 3 climbing stairs
  • 5 climbing stones
  • climbing net
  • horizontal bar
  • 2 swing seats
  • 1.20m platform height

For example, the Fatmoose Arena is currently available on Amazon for €899.95* – for the wide capabilities this climbing frame offers, that’s a reasonable price.

Wickey Climbing Frame: Pirate Ship “GhostFlyer”

A simple climbing frame does not appeal to you – and for gardeners and children it can be something unusual? Then you should take a look at Wickey’s Pirate Ship Scaffolding*: In addition to the classic swing and slide, they also offer a suspension bridge, pirate flag, climbing walls and a sandpit built into the bow.

Basic data for “GhostFlyer”:

  • Slide wave with water conduction
  • 2 swing seats including adjustable ropes
  • picnic table
  • 5 climbing stones
  • 4 safety knobs
  • ship rudder
  • telescope
  • Weatherproof Tarpaulin 650 g/m²
  • Inclined Climbing Ladder
  • straight climbing ladder
  • nose ship
  • wobbling bridge
  • climbing rope
  • 1.20m platform height

The “GhostFlyer” climbing frame is currently available from ManoMano at the lowest price – while it costs over €1,000 on Amazon, the pirate ship is currently listed on the online DIY store for €839.95*. In terms of size and equipment, this is a really good show for anyone with enough room for these scaffolding!

For small gardens: Wickey “TinyWave” climbing frame

Not everyone has room for a big gym in the woods — or wants something that big and expensive in their backyard. If you are looking for a very simple game tower or want to save money, Wickey “TinyWave”* is the right choice for you: here you can get a high-quality duo of swings and slides with a built-in sandpit for less than 500 euros.

Main data of “TinyWave”:

  • Wave slide with water delivery
  • swing seat
  • climbing ladder
  • Weatherproof Tarpaulin Roof
  • Integrated sandbox
  • Platform height 90cm

The small swing set currently costs €349.95* at Otto, for example – a very good price for a stealth climbing frame.

Conclusion: buy cheap climbing tires – is it possible?

Current prices for high-quality climbing tires show that no one has to spend more than €1,000 on a play structure – depending on requirements and space in the park, there are very different sizes with great extras for under €500. Comparing prices is always worthwhile – but you can strike the deals listed here without hesitation.

* We use affiliate links in this post. If you purchase a product through these links, we receive a commission from the seller. There are no additional costs for you. Where and when to buy a product is of course up to you.

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