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The question of when you should confess your love to your partner is not really generalizable. There are people whose three words roll on their lips faster than others. Some people take months or even years to say the magic words. Precisely because the word love is very important to them and they want to be really sure of the person. Still others use the term love loosely. And I have no problem confessing love after only a few weeks. What is a good time to say “I love you”. And the best way to do it, we have compiled it for you in this article.

When do I say I love you we help you!

When to say I love you: It takes women up to five months

When you say I love you often plays a huge role in a relationship. Dating site ok cupid I wanted to know more about her in 2020. I asked more than 6000 people how long they waited before confessing their love to their partner. I got out 62 percent of respondents agreed to say “I love you” when they felt ready. This is without any specific deadlines. Another 22 percent thought several months would be appropriate, and only 3 percent wanted to wait at least a year.

Another survey also found that women and men take different time periods when declaring love. It takes about three months to have sex with a male. For women, it takes another two months.

I love you: Is there an “early time” to these words?

Although there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to feelings, you should choose the words “I love you” carefully. So maybe it’s too early if you don’t know the person very well. Especially in the early weeks it is difficult to distinguish between infatuation and love. there Butterflies in the stomach we feel at first but is a strong sense of attraction. Love is a deep connection and closeness.

There is a big difference between infatuation and love. picture: Valeria Ushakova Collection Valeria Ushakova via

Psychologist Carla Marie Manley knows from her job that many people often confuse these feelings. “True love for someone means that you see them as they are. We are ready to accept him, his strengths and his weaknesses. “This kind of love can’t come from a series of short dates or great sexual encounters,” she told Lifestyle magazine. mindbodygreen.

However, according to Manly and husbands therapist Lexx Brown-James, feelings of love can emerge within a few weeks of dating. “Depending on the time you spend together and the depth of interactions, true love can definitely I had intense and deliberate reactions over the course of several weeks — and it is expressed,” Manley says.

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It’s more about the kind of time you spend together than How much time they spend together. Husbands therapist James Brown is sure of that. “When traumatic events progress and one person feels supported and cared for by another, the brain releases oxytocin and vasopressin. He feels relieved and The relationship hormones that make people want to commit to long-term relationships. If it happens within a month of meeting someone, it’s okay to confront them.”

When and Who: Should you confess love first?

Not only the question of when, but also who occupies many in a new relationship. Since partnership is not competition, It doesn’t really matter who says the three magic words first. Even if you’re not 100% sure if your partner feels the same way you do, you can still talk about your feelings. And in this situation too, couples therapist Brown James has some good advice up her sleeve mindbodygreen reveal.

The relationship between a man and a woman
Confessing love doesn’t always have to go well. picture: Canvas

“I suggest you take some time to gather your feelings. Respecting your own feelings of vulnerability is risky and can be intimidating. It’s a way to build intimacy, though. Of course, acknowledging deep feelings also comes with a risk, Manley knows. A declaration of love from someone can be someone who is ‘completely unprepared’ Closer, but it can also put someone off.”

Is it important to you that your partner reciprocates your feelings and you find it difficult to deal with rejection? Then you have to rely on some key phrases, It can help you make sure that the other person feels the same way you do.

Psychologist Manley has the sentences in an interview with him mindblowgreen Summarization. Couples often test each other out by paying attention to key phrases like “I have strong feelings for you,” “I really like you,” or “I feel so close to you.” Note whether these precursors to “I love you” are on. If so, maybe this is the time to express your feelings.”

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When do I say I love you These signs indicate that the timing is right

  • Feels like it’s exploding from you
  • You know your partner well
  • You love your partner despite their flaws
  • I have had beautiful and meaningful experiences
  • “I love you” is no longer enough to express your feelings
  • You have long term goals for your relationship
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Certain signs can help you pronounce the three magic words. picture: IMAGO / Addictive Stock

When do I say I love you better not in these moments

  • during sex
  • drunk
  • via text message
  • When you feel stressed

I love you by saying: There are no hard and fast rules

When you want to say “I love you” for the first time, It totally depends on you and the circumstances of your relationship. Unfortunately, again, there is no guarantee that words will be returned. However, over time you will notice if the person next to you feels the same way as you, and then the moment when the three words come out of your mouth will definitely become magical.

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