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to: Harald Bartels

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Evaluation of the “Year of Transition” in the group exercise (from left): Muhammed Bilal Mashael, Klaus Dieter Korzki and Ahmed Sahli. © Bartels

The joint practice in Solingen is expanding its range of treatments and will acquire the headquarters of Dr. Serif tan.

Solingen – Mohamed Bilal Mashael has a date of June 30 firmly: “Then the transition period will end.” On July 1, he and his colleague Ahmet Sahli have been training the Solingen Group for a year. Patients received from Dr. Klaus-Dieter Korzki was successful, Mashael reports: “We are very satisfied.”

Dr. says. short ke. It was difficult to “lure” two young colleagues at the same time, then through an internal medicine show. Without this qualification, his retirement would have created a “huge supply gap” for patients, according to Kurzky. He is grateful to the patients for remaining loyal to the practice. The staff members are also credited with making the transition successful.

Wide range of treatments

Meanwhile, he and his colleagues “switched roles” as planned, Korzki explains. Mashael and Saheli has owned the clinic since January 1, and has been a resident doctor ever since. From July 1, it will reduce the number of hours spent on the site twice a week, as well as holiday alternatives. “But we’re still talking about patients, some of whom I’ve known for a long time – this practice remains a safe outlet for them.”

Sahili stresses that the need for medical care remains high in Solinger Land. In addition, the range of treatments is being expanded: at the Solingen Clinic, for example, the endoscopy hours have been extended so that we can offer patients preventive appointments in a timely manner. Rectal examinations have also been extended to all patients, both for prophylactic purposes and for acute symptoms. In addition, they specialize in areas such as the conservative treatment of heart disease, chronic inflammatory bowel disease, or liver disease. In addition, in consultation with the first diagnosis, treatment is continued for chronic diseases such as Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis.

Corona is the focus of work

However, coronavirus remains an important focus: more than 6,500 vaccines have been administered in practice, according to Mashael, and the only practice in Solingen that has also given vaccinations to children aged 5 to 11 years. Sahli: “We have also vaccinated our children and grandchildren.” In addition, all vaccinations recommended by the Permanent Immunization Committee (STIKO), such as the new shingles vaccination, are offered. Moreover, both rapid tests and PCR tests are performed in practice. “The team has had to do a lot in the past few months,” Korzki notes, but other than that the patients had to go to Minden for testing. Important: “The GP’s care continues unchanged – we never let any patient down.”

The pool of staff is being increased: Three trained paramedics and a trained nurse are already certain to join the team, Sahili announces, and internships are being offered regularly. For the future, one would like to see more doctors for this practice, whether they are trained or in additional training, part-time work is also possible. Also: “We are urgently looking for a typewriter to strengthen us.”

The joint practice will also expand spatially: in addition to the traditional headquarters at Langen Straße 15, the former practice rooms of Dr. Seref Tan, Lange Straße 11. “We want to balance the flow of patients,” Mashael explains, as well as improving accessibility: Patients can now send inquiries via email, and if you leave a message on your voicemail when calling, you will be called back. Above all, email communication is well received, says Dr. “This removed a lot of things,” Korzky noted.

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