Summer vacation tips for kids and teens

Greifswald.No plans for summer vacation yet? The school year will be over in three weeks, and children and young adults will have plenty of time and space for creative projects, holiday camps in the area and sports activities in Greifswald and the surrounding area. OZ collects tips here.

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Summer festival and excursions in “Tact”

Summer vacation begins with a summer party at the Tact Youth Center. At three in the evening, a pirate show is held on the Children’s Singing Theater. The bouncy castle, bull riding, sports and other activities are then included in the program. Meals are served on the barbecue deck. Daily trips to Hansapark, the Dargelin go-kart track and to Usedom are scheduled in the coming weeks. Other offers to join such as Hobby Kitchen, call and register on 03834/820466.

holidays on the water

The ship “Vorpommern” transports children aged 9 to 14 from port to port on the Baltic Sea and Greifswald Bay. Children begin to learn the secrets of sailing and can also pilot the ship themselves. Anyone interested in the July 18-22 trip should contact Mr. Knobke at 03-834/504375, the organizer is the West Pomeranian Social Welfare Office.

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Handicrafts and children’s theater

St. Spirits Socio-Cultural Center offers art days for children from the age of seven. In the first three weeks of the holiday (July 4 – 22) and in the last week of August 8 – 12, the courses are held every Tuesday to Thursday from 10 am to 12 noon. This includes key chain weaving, bookbinding and tool making. Registration is required at 03834/85364444. Admission costs 3 euros per day per person.

Learn how to make a podcast

Art Workshops teach 12-year-olds in a one-week course how to record their own podcast. There are also shows for younger children in the first two weeks of vacation, for example wet felting for children from the age of six or papermaking. Prices from 12€ to 60€ for a whole week, registration and the entire show at:

To the beach with the “Labyrinth”

Day trips to Marlowe Bird Park, to the island of Usedom, a tour of Boden at MS Stubnitz and the Fustenfeld riding stables with a trip to the Oceanographic Museum in Stralsund are all part of the program at the “Labyrinth” youth center. Exact dates depend on the weather, call for dates and registration: 03834/812023. Shows are free for children and youth from socially disadvantaged families.

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Boulding in the Hanseatic City

Climbing without a rope, fun and exercise? This is what the holiday courses at the Boulding Hall “Gripps” in Greifswald offer. Guided by our Grips instructors, it’s always 6-10 year olds Tuesday through Thursday between 10:30 AM and 12:30 PM and kids 11-16 from 1-3 PM. Costs: €20, registration number 03834/8319167.

Kicking with FC Hansa in Weitenhagen

At FC Hansa Football Camp, kids ages 6-14 train with licensed coaches. At Weitenhagen, they receive professional instruction, competitions, all-day care with food and drinks, and many Hansa gifts. There are still a few places left on July 18 and 21. The course costs €199 and runs from 9 am to 3.45 pm. You must organize your arrival and departure. Register under the number 0381/4999937 or, click on holiday camps there.

Sailing for kids and teens

The Greifswald Sailing School organizes surf courses for children aged 10-16 and sailing courses for children from the age of seven. The courses last three hours each. Windsurfing takes place from 4-7 July and 2-5 August and costs 220 euros; The sailing courses are the week of July 12 and the week of August 9 and cost 245 euros.

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Camp am Kisii and more

Snorkeling, Swimming, and Lots of Sunshine for Kids 10-16: The Kiessee Diving Holidays in Zarrenthin do it all, spending the night in a tent close to nature in the great outdoors. Duration: July 17-23, register for the Kids Vacation Club at 03834-502436. Cost: about 255 euros. The program also includes sailing, island, kayaking and other offerings. It can be found eg B. held in the Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft, in Koserow on the island of Usedom and in the last week of the holiday in Greifswald, where the waterways are explored.

Summer fun in Trassenheide

Just two minutes from the beach, participants spend a week in Trassenheide on the island of Usedom. what’s up? A trip to Karl’s strawberry farm and a visit to the Peenemünde phenomenon. Swimming every day, barbecue, action games, baking on a stick by the campfire and a disco complete the show. For children ages 8-11, free places are available from July 17-24 and all subsequent holiday weeks. Price: 369 euros, reservation at, search term “summer sun”.

spontaneous trips

Parents and their children do not need to register for the courses to have a good time during the summer holidays. A trip to the zoo or to a climbing forest next to the Volksstadion is just as possible as a day of mini golf, laser tag or paintball at Gorzberg 19c or a visit to the Kuntibunt An der Thronpost 12 course. “Baltic Adventures” offers escape rooms and laser tag at Herrenhufenstraße 7.

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Ride in Lubmin

Baltic rides, horse grooming, beach rides, hiking, barbecues and campfires. This experiment takes place in the last week of the holiday at the Bebber family’s horse farm in Lubmin. However, participants between the ages of eight and sixteen must already have riding experience. Overnight in tents, full board is provided. Price: 400 euros. Order at or 0171/9082706.

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