Thomas Groenke: This is how the dream of a carefree professional and private life comes true

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Thomas Grönke is a freelance savings and finance expert at TELIS FINANZ AG. He is not only the first point of contact for predictably accumulating assets – as a mentor, he also supports people who are passionate about combining their own goals and careers. Here you can find out how he deals with that, what role the Eight Pillars of Life and the PowerPeople team play in this and what defines a good workplace.

It is the dream of many people: success and joy in their work, while special needs are not neglected. Aside from this wishful thinking, a variety of daily and professional obligations define our daily activities – a carefree life seems so far fetched. Stuck in that hamster wheel, not many people make significant progress either professionally or privately. In the long run, they thus lose their focus and give up on the plan to achieve their personal goals. Thomas Grönke of TELIS FINANZ explains: “Those affected are trapped in an overwhelming cycle. Because they come to terms with it so much, they can’t get out of it without help.”

“On the other hand, if you have the right attitude and benefit from professional training, you can easily take a different path. That is why I want people who enjoy dealing with clients and want to achieve financial freedom on their way to a happy private life. A professional life accompanies you in an advisory capacity,” continues the financial expert . Thomas Grönke works as a management consultant for private households at TELIS FINANZ AG – there he is responsible for sales development, among other things. As a mentor, he also introduces people who are passionate about the PowerPeople team, teaches them the value of the Eight Pillars of Life, thus enabling them to harmoniously combine private and professional life.

With the eight pillars of life for a harmonious professional and private life

As Thomas Grönke knows, many people lack an overview of their insurance policies, investments, and expenses. Because of their lack of knowledge, they rarely use strategies for tax savings or government subsidies. Therefore, the financial expert sees that his task is to support private families with a financial concept designed specifically for them. By treating them like small businesses, it lays a solid foundation for planable wealth and retirement planning.

Thomas Grönke paves the way for a happy professional and private life for all those people who also want to do something good and support families with their finances. He and the PowerPeople team experts guide them as mentors and show them how to combine their own needs with professional responsibility – always with the goal of maximizing their performance and enhancing their self-actualization. The foundation for this is shaped by the eight pillars of life: health and fitness, career and career, finances and wealth, personality and growth, meaning and fulfillment, family and friends, partnership and the vitality of life.

The PowerPeople Team: What Makes a Good Workplace

“I love my job at TELIS FINANZ because it gives me everything I’ve always wanted,” reveals Thomas Grönke. On his way to becoming a successful financial advisor, he can also always count on PowerPeople’s support. “We like to enable motivated people to lead equally happy lives,” says the expert. “That is why we are here to advise interested applicants on all questions related to our day-to-day work and quality of life for clients and employees.”

“Holger Jost contacted me via Xing and got me excited about this job,” says Thomas Grönke. Today he serves as a role model for other interested parties and shows them how they can achieve maximum satisfaction in all areas of life. In addition to the eight pillars of life, another principle of power-holders is an important prerequisite for this: a first-class workplace is distinguished by the fact that it has more to offer than merely the fulfillment of one’s duties and compulsion.

As the Principal Person in charge of Real Estate in the PowerPeople Management, Thomas Grönke now has the mission to support all clients and business partners in the real estate capital investment space – and successfully. “Especially in times like this, with rising prices and inflation, it is essential to have such properties in your wallet in order to invest your money in a crisis-proof and inflation-proof manner.”

Do you also want to realize yourself in your job and combine your goals with your own needs? Contact Thomas Grönke and arrange a non-binding consultation!

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