A neglected city of Bottrop: merchants, drunks, and stalking children

Many no longer feel safe in the middle of Bottrop. The Majlis parties are also deeply concerned and complain of crime and misery.

The focal point, which spreads in the city center outside Berliner Platz and ZOB to Ehrenpark, is of concern to more and more council members. Spokesmen for Majlis parties complain about drug smuggling and shameless drug use, violent assaults, thefts, harassment, homeless scenes, alcohol disturbances, and outright child hunting. The city itself also speaks of the neglect of streets, squares and green spaces. The police and municipal security forces also noted that many citizens no longer feel safe in this part of the city.

In particular, reports from the police that street crime has declined in the city over the past three years has raised serious suspicions among a number of council members. “The so-called subjective sense of citizens’ security is closer to reality than these numbers,” says Marcus Stamm, an ÖDP consultant, for example. The police are not aware of many criminal offenses and violations of regulations. “As we know, not many things are shown at all,” Stam said.

When the police and security forces are on the scene, the perpetrators are usually long gone. And many victims will be afraid of him. “If a child is kidnapped, he threatens them so that they won’t tell anyone,” the counselor explained.

Criminals and vandals are fast moving into the mountains again

However, the police stated that in Bottrop compared to other cities in the area of ​​the police headquarters, the risk of becoming a criminal is lower. The department also states that the number of crimes in Bottrop is much lower than in other large cities.

“However, it is part of the fact that thefts, violent crime and destruction of property can also be expected in Bottrop in the future,” their report says. In it, the city also acknowledges what exactly council representatives like Marcus Stamm are addressing: Law enforcement officers often can no longer step in after filing complaints because criminals or vandals are scattered all over the mountains.

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The administrative staff themselves also see a problem that the Municipal Security Service personnel do not work 24 hours a day and that the police force must be significantly reduced, especially at night. However, the head of the organizational division, Paul Kitzer, has just announced that there will be a greater presence at the site; Also to stop youth gang attacks. The city can certainly understand that citizens no longer feel comfortable in certain places downtown, they say.

The police were looking for drug agents in Ehrenpark in Bottrop

The police have repeatedly stressed that they are taking it very seriously that citizens no longer feel safe in the city center. That is why there are now police patrols several times a day in places that are considered nervous for the citizens. For this reason there were also priority checks, for example at Berliner Platz and ZOB, in Ehrenpark, in Martinskirche, in the hammock, in the car park in Saalbau, at the Kulturhof and in the arched house to Stadtgarten. Complaints piled up everywhere.

توازن هذه الضوابط: عدة اعتقالات ، وحوالي 80 عملية إخلاء ، وأكثر من اثنتي عشرة تهمة جنائية لمختلف جرائم المخدرات ، وأكثر من 200 تقرير أو تحذير بشأن الجرائم الإدارية ، وضبط عشرات المركبات.

بالطبع ، تعرف الشرطة أيضًا أنه بالإضافة إلى ZOB ، أصبحت Ehrenpark على وجه الخصوص مكانًا للقاء لمتعاطي المخدرات وتجار المخدرات. لهذا السبب تم استخدام كلاب المخدرات مؤخرًا أثناء ضوابطها لتعقب نواب المخدرات.

يطالب الخضر بجهد كبير من الجميع في المدينة

تتحدث عضوة المجلس الأخضر أندريا سوبودا عن موقف غادر في وسط المدينة في ضوء مثل هذه الميزانيات العمومية. “حقيقة أن هناك أطفال يتم ملاحقتهم عبر المدينة” هي شكوى لا ينبغي لأحد أن يقبلها. ودعت الجميع إلى بذل جهود متضافرة ودعت إلى أكثر من مجرد إجراءات فردية. قالت أندريا سوبودا: “يجب أن نسيطر على هذا”. نصح عضو مجلس FDP أوليفر ميس ليس فقط بمراقبة وسط المدينة ، ولكن أيضًا على المراكز الأخرى في بوتروب. في كيرشيلين ، أيضًا ، هناك الآن مواقف أكثر خطورة.

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