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June 20 2022 is for all refugees around the world – including the more than six million people in Syria who, 11 years after the war began, are still seeking protection from violence and some live in overcrowded camps or destroyed buildings. in the country. Single mothers and teenage girls in particular suffer the consequences of war. But conversations with them show: despite the emergency, their courage to live and give each other some hope are not interrupted. Inspired by the courage and strength they have shown, British illustrator Paul Blow has partnered with children’s charity World Vision to create nine stunning animations called Live Another Day.

The comics show that even under the toughest conditions in this war zone, Syrian women and girls defy social norms and seek help. They are supported by experts from World Vision’s local partners: medically, psychologically or by accompanying them to solve problems. It is precisely through discussions that many women can gain new self-confidence and gain courage for each subsequent day. So every day they fight for a better life – not only for themselves, but also for others.

Anxiety becomes helpful

Women like Rahma* give hope: The 44-year-old used to work as a nurse, but her village was destroyed by war. While the bombs were falling outside, I completed a midwifery test. After escaping, she now offers to help her in a camp for the displaced east of Idlib: “I do what makes me happy: I help pregnant women give birth to a healthy baby.”

It’s not just medical help that we need: In Syria, nearly 15 percent of young women marry before they reach the age of 18. Because of war, expulsion and the resulting increase in social pressure, this number tends to increase. Getting out of marriage is not easy – divorced and widowed women find it difficult in society. This also affects Aisha*, who married at the age of 14, but fought back hard and finally found the courage to leave her husband after 20 days of forced marriage. Today she studies and has a desire to become a teacher. Her goal: to help girls who are in the same situation as you.

Help is needed across borders to keep dreams alive

Many young Syrian women’s dreams are currently being jeopardized by seemingly insoluble political conflicts. “We are appealing to the United Nations Security Council to extend the cross-border humanitarian assistance that is due to expire at the beginning of July for at least one year,” explains Eckhard Voorberg, an expert on peacebuilding and conflict management at World Vision Germany.

Illustrations by British artist Paul Blow also show how important support is, especially for the resilience of people who are particularly vulnerable. His animated graphics show the stories of Syrian women from a new perspective and reflect their sayings with great expressive and symbolic power. Animated illustrations are available as GIF files and also as static images.

The stories of this work have been collected as part of the Outreach Service: In northwest Syria, the European Union and World Vision have been providing both protection and health services to displaced women, men and children since 2019. Commitments range from providing medical care to assisting hospitals and healthcare facilities to supporting people Those recovering from trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

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* Names have been changed to protect people.

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