Night Cafe: Where Animal Love Falls

Michael Steinbrecher talks to herpetologist Patrick Meyer, who looks after hundreds of spiders, lizards and snakes / Friday, June 17, 2022, 10pm, SWR تلفزيون TV

Whether the hamster is a dog, cat or dwarf: for many people, their pet is a whole family member that is loved and grieved after death. Some even cook special meals and dress the animal in tailored clothes. A trusted fur friend can also be a substitute for a partner. Some people have unusual preferences and even pass their homes on to animals: whether they live with a husky in Alaska or with a reindeer herd in Lapland. What is the best way of life for animals – in nature or with a diamond collar? How do humans change animals? Michael Steinbrecher talks about it with his guests at “NIGHT CAFÉ: Where Animals Love Falls” on Friday, June 17, 2022, at 10 PM on SWR TV. Also available for one year after broadcast at ARD Mediathek and on the SWR Youtube channel.

Guests at the Night Cafe:

Patrick Meyer has hundreds of spiders, lizards and snakes

His nickname is “Spider-Man from Eiffel”: Patrick Meyer keeps not only a lot of spiders, but also lizards, iguanas, snakes and caimans. He got his first exotics at 18: “It started with two chameleons, two stragglers and a tarantula.” Meanwhile, his hobby has become a business of life, as a trained metalworker has a sanctuary for exotic animals and is a recognized expert in reptiles.

Yvonne Ellen lives with a husky in Sweden

At the age of 14, Yvonne Ellen dreamed of living on a husky farm in Scandinavia. Initially, she studied law and worked as a lawyer before taking the plunge and migrating in 2014. She learned to train and understand sled dogs—”every dog ​​has their own character,” she says. She is now living her dream in Sweden – with her husband, son, and a pack of 18 dogs.

Gertrude Baron has a koi collection

“I must look them in the face and I must love them,” Gertraud Baron says when reporting on the criteria she uses to buy fish. The Upper Palatinate woman not only puts any fish in her garden pond, but also dazzling and very expensive colorful koi fish. This type of carp is especially exclusive, but for Gertraud Baron it is more than a decoration – she spends many hours with koi, talking to them and giving them unusual names.

Bodo Forester trains elephants in Thailand

In Thailand they call Bodu Forester “Satrachan Chang”, which translates to “Professor Elephant”. Born in Thuringia, he has been working with elephants for over 30 years. In Thailand, surrounded by a herd of elephants, he is trying to understand the nature of this mammal weighing several tons. “But even after so many years with my elephants, they remain very special and mystical animals to me,” says Forster, who has also had painful encounters with elephants.

Franziska Lüttich provides comfort as the grieving companion of deceased animals

The love of animals does not end with death – Francesca Lutich knows this from her own experience. When she published an obituary for her deceased dogs, it attracted a lot of attention. As a grief counselor, she is now also caring for a lovable farewell to adorable animals on a professional level. Mourning is individual and should not be taken into account, Liege says: “For people who have lost an animal in old age, for example, an entire stage of life ends.”

Dr. Carola Otterstedt chairs the Alliance Man and the Animal Foundation.

The cultural and behavioral researcher d. Carola Otterstedt knows why people can develop a deep love for animals and why love for animals has a positive effect: “We take care of animals and this is usually good for us. It is a basic need for us to take care of other living things.” According to the head of the Human and Animal Foundation, interest has increased disproportionately affected pets during the epidemic.

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“NIGHT CAFÉ: Where Animal Love Falls” Friday, June 17, 2022, on SWR TV

Also online at ARD Media Library and on YouTube.

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