A species-friendly home for turtles

Greek tortoises feed on grasses, hay, herbs, flowers, as well as greens (lettuce, indian, sugar loaf). Fruit should be avoided, but water should always be available. Squids are very popular because they help in regulating calcium content. In the summer, Greek turtles live in an outdoor enclosure.

Unexpectedly good climbers

The new enclosure should be at least 10 square metres, as the turtles love to roam and explore their surroundings. This should be organized in such a way that shrubs and shrubs create different shaded areas and hiding places. Do not forget about the sunny places where the turtle can overheat, because it is a cold-blooded animal. The floor in the enclosure can be paved with gravel and limestone and at the same time sufficient wear of the paws and healthy feet can be ensured. If there are several wild herbs, herbs and lettuce available in the box, they can choose what they like. Since turtles are surprisingly good climbers, the surrounding wall should be at least 40 cm high, with an overhanging protrusion to make the enclosure truly escape-proof.

In addition to sunny spots, they also need shady places, and in cold weather there should be a dry and heatable housing. The Greek tortoise goes into hibernation for 4-5 months. With good care, it can live up to 100 years or more. Standards for turtle pens are as follows: – about 10 square meters per animal – high quality cold frame with a wall thickness of at least 16 mm – turtles can be kept as individual animals without any problems – an organized enclosure of plants, stones, dead wood etc. (“playground” Little Robinson”), stable at least 40 cm and bordered opaque

In addition, these animals are looking for a new home:

Criss & Cross guinea pigs (male, age unknown)

Cute guinea pigs Criss and Cross came to the shelter as a foundling and are currently looking for a beautiful home. Unfortunately they arrived in very poor condition. But they were lovingly cared for by fanciers and now they have developed wonderfully. In the meantime, they also got rid of their initial fear and shyness and now they happily come to the fence net as soon as they open it. Criss and Cross are very curious and interested in what we humans do and love to eat all kinds of goodies off our hands. New owners will certainly have to be patient at first until they gain their trust and break the ice. However, once that happens, we actually see Criss and Cross happily eating out of the hands of their new owners.

Children should not be a problem in their new home if they are properly introduced to guinea pig etiquette and know and respect the requirements and needs of their young companions. Friendly rodents will be thrilled if their new home provides a large enclosure in which they can happily roam. There should be enough places to hide and retreat, as well as an interesting and varied facility. Criss and Cross can’t wait to move into a beautiful home where they will love and take care of them.

(Photo: Telebase)

Adina rabbit (female, age unknown)

Little Lady Adina’s bunny came to the shelter in mid-November last year. In the meantime, she had already found a new home, but unfortunately it didn’t get along well with the specific items out there which is why she is now looking for a nice new home again.

Adina is a little shy around people at first, but if you give her the time she needs to gain some confidence, she melts down and becomes curious and likable. Adina enjoys watching the goalkeepers what they do all day. The fluffy bunny is looking for a home with a large area where she can discover many interesting things. The specific items present should not be a problem if you approach the reunion properly and keep a close eye on the rabbits. Of course, their new fence should not lack enough places to retreat and hide either. Adina has hay and clean water around the clock, but she also needs proper bedding and the opportunity to wear her claws.

(Photo: Telebase)

Kat Benga (female, neutral, 15 years old)

Benja came to the shelter from a bereavement at the end of October last year. In the meantime, she had already found a home, but did not get along well with the cat who was already living there, which was why she was looking for a place again, where one princess would stay. . Benga is an old lady who trusts and seeks and requests human contact. She is quiet and needs it too due to her age, so it would be great to find a home where he appreciates this too. The older lady is not particularly interested in other cats, although she gets along with them, she does not need them either.

Unfortunately, the Benga is still a cat that was bred to old standards, with almost no nose and a very flat face. Because of this shortcoming, they always breathe and wheeze a little. In addition, the Benga almost always has a little eye secretion, which is typical for the breed, which must be brushed daily. The Benga also needs daily grooming, but the cute Persian lady really enjoys brushing and shows this by loud purring. For the Benga, we are definitely looking for breed enthusiasts who know how much care it takes to make her life easier.

In her previous house, Benga lived only in the apartment, which is why we are bringing her back to an apartment because of her age. A new home in a beautiful apartment is being searched for for the lovely cat. A well-secured balcony or a well-fenced garden will contribute to your well-being, but this is not necessary. Older children are also welcome in Benga’s new home, who treat her with respect and can also cater to her comfort needs.

(Photo: Telebase)

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