In this Sky series, aliens come to us in a completely different way

“You can’t stop us. It’s too late,” young Effie (Indica Watson) tells mum Cassie (Sinoff Carlsen) and grandmother Susanna Zelabi (Kelly Howes). And it doesn’t sound like a kid’s joke or announcing a tournament that can no longer be kept away from their soccer team. Evie is three years old and looks five. There is no enthusiasm, remorse or threat in her tone.

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Two years later, when looking for a 10-year-old girl, she tells Susanna that it’s their differences that are causing the problems. The “differences give us meaning” paradox. “We don’t agree,” Evie said without showing any emotion. And after this painless feud, the viewer knows that things are about to get tight for the human population of the cozy Midwich. Harmless sentence. When the promise of death echoes.

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Ratazong! Gone are the balcony! Or the whole White House. Since H.G. Wells’ “War of the Worlds,” attacks by beings from other worlds have been carried out by spaceships. Extremely superior technology, frightening weapon systems. Devastation, extermination, enslavement and often a happy ending is enough – because aliens do not tolerate terrestrial microbes or terrestrial computer viruses. or defeated in another way.

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Sci-fi lovers will be delighted with any invasion without spaceships

Given the military base, as a fan of science fiction, one would be pleased with any version of an invasion without UFOs – for example, if cosmic influence leads to an ever-increasing and threatening transformation of terrestrial flora and fauna as in Alex Garland’s “Extinction” (2018), if capsule Space has “killer dust from space” aboard on its return, as in Robert Wise Michael Crichton’s film Andromeda (1971). Or when alien spores infiltrate Earth and senseless aliens swarm, humans multiply outwardly, “hatching” from human-sized pods, as in Don Siegel’s “The Demons” (1956) and in the later adaptation of Jack Finney’s novel “The Body” Eaters are coming.”

In Peter Wyndham’s 1957 book The Midwick Cuckoos, filmed twice under the title Village of the Damned (1960, 1995), the conquest occurred through the Immaculate Conception. The film versions of Wolf Rilla and John Carpenter now follow a seven-part TV series (media were only allowed six episodes), capable of depicting the incomprehensible and how to approach it more realistically than a 77- or 95-minute cinema could. One fine day, the people of the small village of Midwich (40 miles from London, number six on the list of Britain’s most beautiful places) laid “cuckoo eggs” in their nests.

Midwich’s strange pregnancy

Birds take off, dogs bark, horses neigh relentlessly in the stables – as is often the case, the animals are the first to notice the change. This is followed by electrical interference, even battery-powered lights flashing, and streaks can be seen on the TV. Over the beautiful British country houses with their bay windows and lattice windows, the sky gradually turns pink, and then a group of rays, a colorful hurricane of light, descends to the earth. Then everyone collapses unconscious.

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And when they wake up again, all women of childbearing age are pregnant. All wombs are growing at the same rate (very fast), all hydatids are bursting at the same time, and you have to commend the people of government (Mr. Suitable midwives are available in case of simultaneous delivery – group maternity ward. Hannah, Nathan, and many others were born. Also Evie.

Babies only have their mother’s DNA

Some children do not even have potential fathers, and it soon turns out that any of them have paternal DNA. Boys and girls in contact with each other – Dr. Zellaby uses tests to demonstrate an unprecedented telepathic connection. Unlike previous adaptations of the film, children differ in appearance, and “human” is still present in them at first – they smile, hug their parents, seem safe and still exude childlike innocence.

But when they stand silently at the windows and touch the panels with the absent gaze of iris turning golden yellow, goosebumps rise in the viewer. More and more, the intelligence of a supernatural squadron controls Medwich, imposing its will on the adults. Some become smiling followers, but suspects, whose parental love turns into fear or aggression, learn to fear. First a dog dies, then the first human dies. Children in power.

The viewer assumes he only sees the tip of the iceberg

Who are these kids? The people of Midwich grope in the dark to no end. And as a spectator, one could not resist the feeling that this conquest had advanced beyond what one could see, as if the secret of privileged children was not primarily for the protection of the common people or for the purpose of acquiring scientific knowledge.

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But as if the first entrants to the top positions were holding their protective hands over the children so as not to jeopardize the grand plan after previous attempts – for example in the Soviet Union – had already failed. Early on, we suspected that Bryony Cummings (Cherelle Skeete), fellow senior investigator Paul Haynes (Max Beesley), did not belong to the species Homo sapiens sapiens.

The threat is gently escalated in this new project from Night Manager creator David Farr. The massive intrusion of the irrational into the normalcy of a small town, which – at least for a while – like ordinary everyday life – cannot be explained by the extreme capacity of human beings to adapt to ‘situations’. Once the DNA phenomenon is identified, nothing else can be imagined other than the massive and permanent disturbance on the part of the parents, people running away screaming.

The “captivity” of the Medwich folks seems unbelievable

The government-imposed “captivity” of Midwichers — constant surveillance, reduced social contacts, written secrecy — seems as unbearable as it is impractical. However (and despite a certain “length” of the story and a clear schematic diagram of several characters), one is curious to see how Farr solves all this and whether he’s leading his series to the familiar final Windham fanfare or has created his own ending for himself and us.

An invasion is a hostile act of the worst kind, and the aggressors should not be believed – as the Russian warlord Putin recently demonstrated. Two girls standing in the lobby across from DCI Haynes looking “scary” like the deceased twins in the lobby of the Overlook Hotel at The Shining. They say, “We love you, Mr. Heinz.” “We don’t want to hurt you.” There is another promise of death swings. “Run.” Now one would like to call the policeman.

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“Cuckoo Midwich” Series, seven episodes, starring Kelly Hawes, Sinoff Carlsen, Max Beasley, Aisling Loftus, O’Quilly Roach (from June 16 on Sky)

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