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For many people, pigeons and their droppings are a major nuisance. How can animals be kept away from the balcony and terrace? Some simple and gentle actions at the same time at a glance.

Hardly anyone would like the pigeon to be constant guests on the balcony or terrace. As a rule, city pigeons, sometimes wooden pigeons, are considered wild animals. Pigeon droppings not only attack a lot of substances, but also pose a health hazard, but how do you make sure that pigeons don’t come back again? It is important to remember that they should not be killed. who prevents it Animal Welfare Act. In addition, pigeon prevention measures should not harm animals and be as gentle as possible, he says Animal Welfare Association. Apartment tenants should discuss with the landlord which tricks they can use without causing problems in the neighborhood.

Simple tricks to keep the bathroom away

  • Removing leftovers: Bread or cake crumbs that have fallen on the floor or left on the table attract pigeons. Therefore, clean regularly and do not store trash and waste bags outside. It goes without saying that animals should not be fed, and apart from that, there are bans on feed in some cities.
  • Preparing or hanging plastic crows: The black plastic crow is supposed to frighten pigeons. However, they often get used to seeing the harmless fellow eventually. You will have more success if you fix the crow so that it moves in the wind. This disturbs the bathroom.
  • Use your pets: If you have a dog or cat, you can allow the animals more exercise, depending on local conditions. Running outside will deter birds. Pet hair scattered outside has the same effect.
  • Spread of bird nets: The nets prevent the pigeons from descending. They also serve to protect your pets so they don’t fall off the balcony, for example. This net should be as tight as possible, otherwise pigeons and other birds may get stuck in it.
  • Install wind chimes, pinwheels or banners: Air ensures movement in the garden or on the balcony. Pigeons don’t like unexpected movements or unpleasant noises and therefore avoid places with chimes, pinwheels or signs. There are also solar powered devices that activate a movable rod or string at varying distances. For example, they can be installed on the balcony railing.
  • Hanging reflective elements: CDs and DVDs suspended from the belt are good for creating reflections. Ideally they can spin. Aluminum foil strips produce a similar effect. However, some neighbors do not like it when reflections of light penetrate into their apartments.
  • Attach defense spikes: These spikes are designed to prevent pigeons from sitting on window sills, handrails, or countertops. However, metal spikes can injure them and harm other birds. Alternatively, plastic rivets are commercially available.
  • Installing beveled surfaces: The bathroom hardly finds a foothold on smooth or sloping surfaces. Metal or plastic panels can be easily glued to window sills and cornices. An angle of 45 degrees or more is recommended.
  • Comment bells: The bells produce tones intended to prevent pigeons from staying on the veranda or balcony. The wind makes the bells ring. There are also built-in wind chimes. However, constant noise can also be annoying to people – not only to you, but also to the neighbors.
  • Use acoustic defense systems: These systems are likely to be used in the agricultural sector. This mimics the screaming of birds of prey or the barking of dogs. But the bathroom gets used to it. Therefore, the tone should be irregular. You also have to change the sound a lot. However, in residential areas, these devices primarily lead to problems with neighbors. Therefore, it is not suitable for use in the city.

Tierschutzbond: Avoiding Suffering and Pain

No matter what actions you take, pigeons should not be harmed. The Animal Welfare Association writes in one book Position paper: “Deterrence measures should be rejected on buildings associated with pain, suffering, or harm to animals for reasons of animal welfare.” For example, it is forbidden to use pointed nails or sharp daggers. You should also refuse to apply a strong sticky putty. “Electric defense systems can protect the bathroom […] Causing unnecessary harm and suffering […]. “

It is also strictly forbidden to stun pigeons with food and then catch it. “The animals show shortness of breath and paralysis of the limbs. It is not uncommon for them to be able to fly on high surfaces or trees. […]. “However, when the drug takes effect, the animals fall and are seriously injured. Poisoning, for example by hydrocyanic acid, is also out of the question according to the Animal Welfare Association. A slow and painful death by strangulation is the result of pigeons.” An animal in such a way that it dies instantly.” Therefore, there would be a direct violation of the Animal Welfare Act.

Remove bathroom droppings with hot water and vinegar

Anyone who discovers pigeon droppings on their balcony or terrace should remove it as soon as possible. It is best to wear rubber gloves for this. A fine dust mask is also useful. Then pour hot water on the affected areas. Scales can be removed with a spoon. Then pour hot water over the spots again. Household vinegar is good for cleaning up afterwards because it kills germs. Finally, rinse it with water again.

Remove nests or not?

Removing a pigeon’s nest is not always easy.

When the pigeons begin to nest, you must quickly remove the nests – gloves and a mask are also preferable. If the animals were already reproducing, it would be much more difficult. You can eat eggs out loud Humane exchange PETA for plastic eggs, wait for the incubation period of 17 days and remove the plastic eggs again. However, this should not be done if the eggs have already been incubated for several days. In any case, such interventions create stress in the bathroom. They may return after a failed breeding attempt. Anyone who is not confident about this procedure should contact a professional. In Hamburg, for example, Verein Stadttauben offers advice and an emergency phone.

Pigeon plague: rent reduction potential – consult the experts

If there is a real epidemic in the living area, the owner must remedy the situation. Otherwise, the rent can be reduced, as some courts have already decided. Owners can consult experts to dispose of pigeons in the most animal-friendly manner.

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