Soaring Scorpio: This is what makes it special

The rising Scorpio is a strong, dedicated, and emotional person. Find out more about his character, strengths and weaknesses here.

Ascendant Scorpio: This is what it says about you

If you only consulted your astrology horoscope to find out something about yourself, you are ignoring a very important sign. While the zodiac sign, which we use in our astrological sign, depends solely on our birthday, the ascendant continues. Take into account beside that birthday Likewise place of birth and the Birth hour including minute. Why all this effort? Using this data, the sign of the zodiac is determined, which was the time of your birth rose in the eastern horizon. This sign changes every two hours.

With the help of the ascending calculator, you will have already determined your ascent. It is one of the 12 zodiac signs It tells you how to deal with others. It determines your outward appearance, which can differ from your zodiac sign.

Rising Scorpio: The Confident Sign

people with ascending scorpio Just shine like that self conscious And the Confidence. They are real artists around whom groups of people gather at events. They always have a funny or exciting story to tell Wizard And the Naturally Works.

At the same time, there is no other sign as such Identifies And the disciplined Like a rising scorpion. Does he have a clear targeting Mentally, he works fearlessly to achieve. This is very similar to a person who shows a keen interest in the new and the unknown. Traveling to one place twice? Not suitable for Scorpio.

What sets him apart is his property Analytical behavior. He doesn’t stay in one place for long, new insights and progress is his inner drive. He also likes to isolate himself from the outside world and does not allow anyone to get into his plans. The next move up is rarely expected.

Despite the stubborn and awkward aspect of Scorpio’s ascendant, this sign is extremely important lovinglyAnd the Helper, helper, helpful, benefactor And the sensory.

Scorpio Planets Pluto and Mars

Planets are given to the star-rich astrological Scorpio Pluto and Mars Charged. The characteristics of the two planets are described as follows:

  • Planet Pluto: devotion, distress, healing powers
  • Mars: Willpower, Victory and Sex

You will quickly see how the characteristics of Mars and Pluto can be transferred to the life and partnership of a rising Scorpio.

Strengths of the rising Scorpio

The following qualities are valued by our fellow human beings with ascendant Scorpio:

  • Identifies
  • Helper, helper, helpful, benefactor
  • sensitive
  • dedicate
  • persistent

Weaknesses of the rookie Scorpio

The following traits can challenge the rise of Scorpio in life and relationships. He is:

  • Follow-up
  • suspecious
  • the influence
  • revenge
  • Fabulous

Rising Scorpio in love

The rising Scorpio is one of the most devoted signs of the zodiac. He loves with all his senses and is an artist seduction. Sexual experiences give a rising Scorpio a lot of energy. It’s real experts And yearns for need and feeling bonding.

As a partner, the ascending Scorpio is loyal and loyal. He values ​​honesty and trust and watches his loved ones at all times. it’s his Follow-up Thanks to the fact that a Scorpio rookie has to make sure at all times what the other person is doing. However, once the foundation of trust is established in the relationship, the jealousy will subside and the Scorpio Rising will become more relaxed. so expected honestyAnd the passion And the sincerity also from you.

subordinate descending From the ascendant Scorpio is ox. In astrology, the descendant (opposite sign) is The ideal partner or the ideal partner I have seen. Both signs complement each other wonderfully both on a personal level and in love and the formation of a harmonious couple. Taurus trusts quickly, loves everything sensual and loves to let go. A wonderful addition.

Scorpio rising in friendship

A rising Scorpio is a loyal friend that you never want to give up. As long as you are serious. The sign of the zodiac does not value the number of friends, it is more important to him The depth and character of the friendship. Scorpios want to understand their friends down to the last detail and know what moves them. There is no time or ability to make superficial friendships. Deep conversation and intimate topics can be discussed discreetly with a Scorpio sign.

If, contrary to expectations, an acquaintance turns out to be superficial and false, then the ascendant of Scorpio is happy to drop a person like a hot potato. Caution is also required in disputes: if a sign is criticized or treated unfairly, it takes advantage of its sting. Then it’s time to run. Because the ascending scorpion can fight painful will.

Rising Scorpio at work

for him resolute aura so is determination He quickly leads the ascending Scorpio up the career ladder. They are full of ideas – provided they are passionate about their job and the job is challenging enough. Scorpio learns from mistakes and does not dwell on problems. With their high emotional intelligence, Scorpio origins are well suited as leaders and people with a certain amount of strength. You can listen, motivate and resolve contradictions.

Children with the ascendant Scorpio

The characteristics of our rise are already noticeable in childhood. Do you have offspring with a Scorpio ascendant? Then you might have found it difficult at first to pierce his armor into his emotional world. But once a connection is established, little Scorpios will never want to take their eyes off you again.

Kids quickly start to appreciate it analyze things to discover. They explore their environment like few researchers And I want to share every discovery with you. They are having so much fun the meaning Trying to discover something, even with the flick of a pen, and hearing it for the first time. Use that sense of discovery and let your kids learn something new every day.

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