Börse Express – hires DeepMarkit Quantstamp for security analysis services

The company chose Quantstamp to improve the security of its MintCarbon.io platform code base

Calgary, Canada – June 17, 2022 – DeepMarkit Corp (“DeepMarkit” or “Company”) (TSXV: MKT) (OTC: MKTDF) (FRA: DEP)a company focused on transforming the international carbon offset market into an accessible digital economy by issuing carbon credits in the form of non-fungible tokens (“NFTs‘) to announce that First Carbon Corp. (“FCC“) and Quantstamp, Inc. (“)Quantum character“) as part of the performance agreement (“sow“or”an agreement“) to provide safety assessment services in connection with the FCC’s MintCarbon.io platform (“)a program‘) which is tasked with improving the security of the code base.

According to SOW, Quantstamp will provide the necessary resources to ensure securityAnalytics From the platform’s code base over a 90-day period. If security issues are detected, Quantstamp will provide results and options for DeepMarkit and FCC to rewrite the code. The FCC is responsible under the agreement for granting Quantstamp access to personnel, content, resources, systems, and information where Quantstamp needs to perform relevant tasks. Analytics Implement and make improvements.

We are excited to announce Quantstamp’s participation. The company aims to review and improve the security of the MintCarbon.io platform’s database. It is a wise investment in our technology and in our competitive strategy to ensure that our products and ideas are carefully designed and protected. We continue to develop the MintCarbon.io platform and are also looking at other innovative solutions to expand international emissions marketstrade And the -Such asTo improve the certificates of renewable energiesDeepMarkit CEO Ranjit Sundhir said.

Quantstamp is a leading blockchain security company dedicated to making the decentralized internet more secure. until today Organizations have protected more than $200 billion in digital assets from hackers. Startups, foundations, and other companies work with Quantstamp to protect their innovative ideas and products. Quantstamp’s services include securing Layer 1 blockchain, securing NFT and DeFi applications based on smart contracts, and developing financial priorities for Layer 1 blockchain ecosystems. As security is more important than ever on Web3, developers are encouraged to test and evaluate code by contacting a third-party security auditor.1 so stands Deep Markets commissioned by Quantstamp is developed by the FCC in line with its goal of keeping the platform secure for users and stakeholders.

commissioning on serviceperformance company

New Era Publishing Company (dba CarbonCredits.com). He was engaged to report on press releases, to create a personalized promotional email, to create an ad on CarbonCredits.com and to provide other reports about the company on CarbonCredits.com. The contract is for a period of four months, starting fromR On June 1, 2022 and costs US$180,000. CarbonCredits.com operates independently of DeepMarkit and CarbonCredits.com employees may own but not trade in DeepMarkit securities during the term of the contract. Drthe mission CarbonCredits.com is subject to approval by TSX Venture Exchange.

About Deep Market

deep market Corp. is a company focused on democratizing access to the voluntary carbon offset market by offering credits in NFTs Mint. The Company’s common stock is traded on the TSX Venture Exchange under the stock symbol “MKT”. FCC is a software infrastructure company that operates in coding– Vertical works from the blockchain. FCC’s main asset, MintCarbon.io, is web-based softwareSuch asSupport service platform Mint From emissions allowances in NFTs (ERC-1155) or other secure tokens (ERC-20). MintCarbon.io is currently in the testing phase and the FCC expects to officially launch the platform in the near future.



“Ranjit Sunder”

Ranjit Sunder, Interim CEO

For more information please contact:

Ranjit Sunder, Interim CEO

Tel: 403-537-0067

E-mail: corp@deepmarkit.com

Web: www.deepmarket.com

Twitter: @DeepMarkit

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  1. How to ensure Web3 protection”Written by Steve Ellis office 1, 1. June 2022, https://www.office1.com/blog/how-to-ensure-web3-security


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