“Cha Cha Real Smooth” – Cooper Raiff’s love story is so charming

At the age of 12, Andrew showed that he was serious about love. The smile that the blonde party clerk gives him disarms him. When he hears her on the stairs getting a seemingly unpleasant phone call, his protective instinct wakes up. “I know she is growing up, but I think she loves me too,” he told his always loyal mother. And so he proposes to the woman, which she refuses – passionately -. On the way home, mom crawls into the back seat to help her grieving son carry the basket.

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Cha Cha Real Smooth is the second film from director Cooper Rafe to reprise his lead role. In 2020, Shithouse told the story of lonely student Alex, who falls in love with Wild Maggie (Dylan Gilola) at a campus party, giving the film its candid title, and runs with her through Los Angeles at night. The second part, for which Rive won the Audience Award at Sundance, tells the story of student Andrew, who, after completing his studies, is only interested in love and has no idea what he will do with his life.

Girlfriend says goodbye to Andrew in tears

Andrew wants to go to Barcelona to follow his girlfriend. A teardrop at the beginning of the movie reveals that the beloved is taking her journey as a farewell. Andrew is very fond of observation. He returns home with his mother, younger brother David (Evan Asante) and grumpy stepfather Greg (Brad Jarrett). He works in a burger restaurant, of course just so he has the money for Spain.

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At a bar mitzvah, he discovers he has a knack for making parties navigate inept DJs in the vastness of horse splendor. A few words and a few actions and the company goes to “Funkytown” together in the groove. Lola (Vanessa Burgardt), the autistic daughter of Domino (Dakota Johnson), gets Andrew (with a cute “believe” trick) on the dance floor.

Similar scenes abound in the history of American comedies – most of them are exaggerated, contradictory and completely unfamiliar. But this scene is so delicate that it reminds us of Richard Linklater’s “before” films starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy. It looks real.

Nate Andrew supports Lola and Domino’s championship

Once again, it’s the protective instinct, this time some women talking about Domino’s past, that sparked the start of the budding party Andrew. When a boy bullies Lola at the next graduation party and Domino encounters the most embarrassing situation in the ladies’ room (it was so tragic at the time), Andrew proves to be doubly knighted and brave.

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He drives home from his spiraling bar mitzvah: Andrew (Cooper Rafe, center) with his mother (from left Leslie Mann), brother David (Evan Asante) and stepfather Greg (Brad Garrett). A scene from “Cha Cha Real Smooth” on Apple TV +.

The simple lover, without knowing it, adores the secrets behind Domino’s smile (the name sounds like a James Bond movie). She falls, he takes her, she wants to sleep with him, and he wants to save this for a more equal moment, she is engaged to attorney Joseph (Raul Castillo) who works in Chicago, and he – not a monogamous angel – sometimes shares the (annoying) rank with a high school princess Former May (Odeya Rush).

Cooper Raiffs know how to move their audience

The paradox of hero valence robs the story of what looks like a fairytale. Andrew is not a mirror of his environment, not a measure. He just has a good heart. Whether it’s “babysitting” Lola Romy or encouraging David to kiss his secret love Margaret (Brookli Ramirez), the lounging Andrew is a moisturizer for those around him.

With his keen narration, depth of character, which he also easily explores in secondary characters, lively, subdued and sometimes whispered dialogue and the camera, which seems to be shooting a show, Cooper Rave proves he’s a master of moving audiences even with his second film. A kiss between Domino and Andrew – and what a kiss! What a hug! One can fall in love with this love.

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Cha-cha-cha, the dance that flirts with music, is part of this teamwork, but it’s “real seamless” — so cute. This is delicate comedy – the hilarious, well-timed moments and even the sassy talk with a condom stripped of all its rudeness. Rafe wouldn’t get a “hangover” (2009)-style howl on canvas or screen.

How is it going Hush! All Andrew has to offer is his essence, his love for people and his willingness to put the happiness of others above anything else – his offering is the guarantee of feeling great. But Domino strives to provide security for her daughter. “I want you to be happy,” says Andrew, which he also wants for his bipolar mother, to whom he gives the greatest compliment a son can give, and to little brother David, to whom he smiles one morning like the sun on your child. picture.

Anyway, as a viewer, you’re always on Andrew’s side and pretty close to the side of these two would-be couples. However, you know that love movies without realization are the ones you’ll never forget (after the first disappointment). But also – if that doesn’t work out for Andrew and Domino – the ending of the movie isn’t going to end forever. This has always been a relief since Jesse and Celine got their second and third chances at the Linklater’s Before movies.

“Cha Cha Real Smooth”film, 108 minutes, written and directed by Cooper Rafe, with Cooper Rafe, Dakota Johnson, Vanessa Burghart, Leslie Mann, and Evan Asante (from June 17 on Apple TV+)

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