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Fandifi Technologies Corp It has some important value drivers. Also, NFT technology plays an important role in Fandifi. More details will be given in an interview with David Vinokourov, Managing Director of Fandifi Technologies enlightened by us.

David Vinokourov, CEO, PresidentEnt & Director, Fandifi Technologies

Video interview It can be viewed here in the original: https://small-microcap.eu/17-05-2022-interview-mit-interview-mit-david-vinokurov-ceo-president-director-fandifi-technologies-part-2/

What are the key value drivers for Fundify?

David Vinokurov: The main driver of value for the company is the management team. With our expertise in capital markets, business development, esports and sports marketing, and our advisory board, we have major platformstruly Access these markets in contact. Our goal is to transfer our technology to exactly these user groups of the platform. We specialize in systems integration, so we can use our technology in smart hospitals, Application of insurance applications or telecommunications and logistics companies.

We use our ability to clearly visualize data in (electronic) sports and other areas of broadcast and content. We have put together a great team for this, especially in business development and we are always interested in meeting new contributors.

Where are the most important markets and who are the most important customers?

David Vinokurov: The most important user group are content creators. We use our predictions to help creators expand their content and make it more interactive. To prioritize business development, we start with creators, streamers, and (electronic) sports teams and then work with the same large platforms in the next step. globalization of distribution and content consumption to comply Our platform supports 11 languages, one of which is Klingon and, of course, Mandarin and German. So it doesn’t matter where you participate in the world. our platformtrulym is dedicated to the younger generations who are globally connected.

What role does NFT technology play in FindFi?

David Vinokurov: One of our partners is Polygon, a company that operates one of the world’s best encryption protocols, and Open C, the largest market for NFTs. Our basic idea is Reward players with NFTs for participating in our games. For example, if you follow your favorite team or esports team and win 5,10,50 or even 500 bets, I will get a unique NFT as a bonus. With Polygon as a partner, we can create hundreds of thousands of NFTs, because the advantage of the Polygon network is that it costs less than a cent and takes less than a second to complete, while “traditional” Etherum networks can take up to severaln It can take minutes or even weeks and is much more expensive. Our goal is as many NFTs as possible to spend To reward the global community, Polygon is the right partner for it. We also have more of our products plans, To continue growing independently of the polygon. So we don’t want to sell one NFT for 50 million, we sell 50 million NFT for 10 cents, each one Month, To build such a great community.

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above Fendi Technologies:

Fandifi Technologies Corp. It offers a web app out of the box on Android and iOS mobile devices, aimed at the ultimate esports enthusiasts. The company’s proprietary Unified Information Access platform runs on a private cloud with multi-language support and aims to globally adopt Fandom’s fan engagement models for regulated betting and unstructured esports predictions. Fandom provides interactive esports entertainment for fans through specially designed data interaction

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