The therapy dog ​​is missing – where’s the kendo?

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Who has seen Koindo? The Golden Retriever has been missing since the evening walk on June 1st. Photo: Anna Senkel © © A. Senkel

The Golden Retriever has been missing since June 1st. The Handicapped Canine Association has now offered a finder fee of 1,000 euros.

FRANKFURT – Anna Sinkel (37 years old) no longer understands the world. “Kindo must be found,” she says wistfully. The therapy support dog from Frankfurt has been missing for two weeks. H. Sinkel, Vice President and Trainer of the Dog Association for the Disabled. V., he bred a Quendo with him and trained him to be a therapy support dog for over a year. Quendo’s owners and young patients in psychotherapy practice, where Quendo helps his master at work, miss him sorely.

The fact that the Golden Retriever has almost disappeared without a trace since the evening walk in Harheim on June 1 – Sinkel cannot fathom it. Her association has now offered a finder fee of 1,000 euros for the crucial clue to his whereabouts.

The missing therapy dog ​​from Frankfurt: in Eschersheim the track was lost

“We don’t know exactly what happened,” Sinkel says. A neutered and shriveled six-year-old golden retriever behaved unusually around 9pm on 1st June while walking in the fields in Harheim. “Usually very close and within a narrow radius. But that evening he suddenly started to run after probably jumping before.” “It doesn’t suit him at all. It might have been stung.”

What is certain is that Cuendo ran down a big road in the direction of Nieder Eschbach, to an area he did not know – and that he has not returned since. Sinkel suspects he is either missing or injured. He was said to have been seen in Nieder Eschbach, but this is not confirmed.

Frankfurt: Therapy dog ​​has escaped and has since gone missing

He was almost certainly seen in Eschersheim on June 9. “Kuendo is a dear, kind and open dog. That’s why we assume someone found him and took him in the car,” Sinkel says wistfully.

It happens that animals run away and disappear. So does a young husky who was found in a bank in Frankfurt after escaping from his owner.

From the first day of his disappearance, a woman from animal protection has been searching the fields with a thermal imaging drone. without result. A friend’s tracking dog followed the Quendo track in the direction of Eschersheim. Then the way was lost. “There are waterways there, but the track dog would have found more tracks there, too,” Sinkel says.

“Everyone loves this dog”: the therapy dog ​​Coindo from Frankfurt is missing

However, she does not want to lose hope: the helpers continue to create feeding stations for Koindo in the forest, in search of him. They distribute flyers in Harheim, Nieder Eschbach, Eschersheim, Neidal, everywhere in the region. But Quendo has disappeared. “We miss him not only painfully, but all of his family members as well,” she says.

The Golden Retriever is a therapy companion dog with a psychotherapist for children ages four and teens. “Kendo loves children and helps his master in practice. They listen to their problems together, little patients build beds for him, Quendo comforts them and gives them physical contact. Everyone loves this dog and he is very sad. This is bad for the children and young people who made him dear to their hearts.”

Coindo therapy dog ​​is missing: a club in Frankfurt provides the researcher’s fee

The same goes for the owner’s family. They are also completely desperate. They kept thinking Quendo was right around the corner. This is why the Association of Dogs for Handicaps has now also offered a finder fee of 1,000 euros to anyone who finds them or gives a clue as to where they are. Of course, all information will be treated strictly confidential. “If the dog was alone outside all the time, the always loving and relaxed Kendo would probably have panicked. Whoever sees him should make himself small and entice him with kindness and gentleness so as not to frighten him.”

You think it could be that he’s lost a lot of weight and looks disheveled. However, there is still a suspicion that he was carried away. “People need to know that koindo belongs to someone and they can’t hide it forever,” she says. A therapy support dog is also included with the Tasso. Senkel is grateful for every tip. “The main thing is that he returns home, where he belongs.” Anyone who sees or knows where the Quendo is can contact Dogs for Handicaps 24 hours a day (01 75) 6 84 42 79 Report. (Sabine Schramek)

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