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independent Consumer Portal Evaluate online searches on the topic of pet buying and discover the most popular pets. Here you will find results and information for the conservation of individual animal species.

Dog and cat in the foreground

in first place he is dog With 105,790 online searches per month for “buy a dog”. Dogs have lived with humans for thousands of years and are loyal companions. They need a lot of attention and exercise. As a dog owner, you can stay fit and active. But only if you have the time “Jassi” 3 times a day Walking, you should get a dog. The dog also requires a lot of attention in other respects. The German’s most popular pet is also the most precious to keep. In addition to food, veterinary costs, and accessories (such as a collar, leash, toys, and basket) there is a dog too dog tax to me. There is also one for dog owners in some federal states (Berlin, Hamburg, Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Schleswig-Holstein and Thuringia). liability insurance duty. Estimated maintenance costs for a dog per month are included according to 103 EUR.

in place 2 lies the cat With 81,720 searches online. Dreaming of a cuddle session on the couch? Cats are lovable, but also discriminatory. keep a cat Less time consuming than a dog. They also keep themselves occupied and you don’t have to walk with them. If your cat stays in the house or apartment a lot, you should Sufficient job opportunities worries. It is usually cheaper to own a cat than to own a dog. is estimated at 51 euros per month. become cats From 12 to 14 years, sometimes up to 20 years.

Dogs and cats are not popular for nothing: they are animals that their owners can play with and enjoy. They also love to be petted. SPECIAL INFORMATION: Dogs and cats cause a lot of carbon dioxide.

you have a bird

in third place he is parrot It may come as a surprise that parrots are very popular. Perhaps this is because parrots are very sociable. They have been prized for their ability to speak and are a feast for the eyes with their colorful plumage. However, it is not easy to keep it. gives the average cost per animal per month around €34 on me. You have to be there at least two birds Stay together, otherwise the parrots will get lonely and get sick. You also need space for a large cage (bird cage). Birds need fresh and different food every day, so you should always prepare fresh pieces of fruit and vegetables for them. Parrots are noisy – even when you want to sleep in them. There is always something going on with the parrots in your home and you can allow their energy to infect you. But you must realize that parrots Between the ages of 50 and 70, and sometimes even older. This means that when you buy parrots, you have lifelong companions – but also lifelong responsibilities.

in fourth place do you find it parrot These birds are also very social and therefore have a great need for certain species. Recommended is double positionThat is, two, four or six birds. A male and a female should be kept.

The following generally applies to raising birds: The cage (and possibly the surroundings as well) should be cleaned often, because birds shed a lot. And the: If you like calm, you should not get any birds.

No pets: guinea pigs, turtles and fish

The Fifth place Proved by 38,050 online searches guinea pig Hence behind the parrot. In children they are animals from south america Very well known. The animals probably got their name from the fact that they came to Europe by sea on ships and squeaked a bit like pigs. Although she looks very cute and soft, she does not like to be caressed. Guinea pigs are actually very shy there animal escape. But you can get used to it slowly. You should keep at least two guinea pigs, as they are animal packs be. You need a large enough cage with a sleeping den and places to hide. the animals Live about 4 to 8 years, but can also age if properly cared for. The cost is about 36 euros per month per animal.

The turtle crawls in sixth placefor the position of you precise experience And you need preliminary information. There are very different things types of turtles With very different lifestyles. It is said that some species terrarium remain, others need one outdoor enclosure. Depending on whether they come from the tropics or from desert regions, they require different temperatures and food. There are herbivores and carnivores among them. Many turtles keep one Several months of hibernation a. You need a separate one for that refrigerator. Since the animals are classified as a protected species, there is an obligation to identify and report the rearing of turtles. Turtle will On average from 30 to 40 years. So you make yourself a friend for life.

In seventh place: fish. Watching it can have a calming and almost meditative effect. Fish require little maintenance compared to other pets. Of course, you have to feed them regularly and clean the aquarium. The different types of fish used should have the same needs and be compatible with each other. If you get it wrong, the fish will die quickly. Suitable for beginners fresh water fish. They are cheaper to buy and keep and not as delicate as saltwater fish. Examples of popular genres are Guppies, small catfish, tetras, mollies or swordfish.

Rather not suitable for children

in eighth place he is hamster; rodents solitary and night. You should not be awake all the time during the day. If you are out all day and only come home in the evening, this may work. Therefore, hamsters are considered less suitable for children. For this animal you need a cage with equipment (hide places and play possibilities). The costs to keep it are rather low, around 14 euros per month. Hamsters usually live from two to three years.

In ninth place: Rabbit With 24,600 online searches per month. Kids love cuddly looking animals. But rabbits are flying animals and, like hamsters, prefer not to be petted. Rabbits must At least for two years Hold. Then they also occupy themselves on their own and are convenient for workers. you need Lots of exercise, preferably a large outdoor enclosure.

in tenth place do you find a snake As the most unusual animal among the top ten. In order to keep snakes appropriately and safely, you need detailed knowledge, among other things Terrarium structure and equipment, food (live food!), proper temperature and humidity as well as proper underground. important point is Safety, because snakes get into surprisingly small cracks and then escape. Maintaining a snake is complex and expensive. You should reconsider whether snakes are really pets.

Which animal suits me?

In Germany there was a real case during the Corona pandemic pet boom: Insurance, home office, little free time and contacts, a lot of time. The Central Association of Zoologists in Germany (ZZF) counted an increase of one million pets in 2020 compared to the previous year. A trend that continued into 2021. Animal shelters now suffer from downsides. More animals are abandoned or taken to animal shelters. With their owners returning to everyday life, pets are suddenly becoming a nuisance in many households. So if you want to have a pet, you should think carefully about it in advance. You can ask yourself these questions before you decide:

  • how much time Do I have available to take care of an animal?
  • how much place I have?
  • How much money can I regularly spend?
  • What do I expect from Living with a pet?
  • I want with the animal Play, go outside, pamper her?
  • I just want an animal Watch?
  • Can I long-term animal species needs worries?
  • family pets: Is the animal suitable for children?

Pets have one Positive effect on us and our health. According to various scientific studies, handling animals has a relaxing and blood pressure lowering effect on humans. children Learn by caring for an animal, to take responsibility. Living with an animal can be both enriching and fun. But the whole thing needs to be well thought out. Because you have been responsible for a pet for many years. As possible alternatives you can pet nursery Show or walk dogs from the animal shelter.

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